The Series: Legends of Green Isle

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Stewart Manor had a mystery. Children went missing, but Matt and his little brother Toby didn’t know that when they moved there. When Toby disappears, along with two other children from the small town, Matt and his new friends find themselves thrust into battle with an ancient evil that seeks to destroy not only the magic in the parallel dimension of Green Isle, but all magic, even that on Earth. “The Forgotten Spell” is the first book in the Legends of Green Isle series. Join the adventure as the legendary four friends mark their own place in the annuals of Green Isle.

Book One: The Forgotten Spell

RELEASE DATE: November 15, 2015


ISBN: 978-1518888441

IMPRINT: Chimera




Book Two Cover

Book Two: The Mirror Sliver

Time is running out. The three remaining of the legendary four make their way towards Crag Cairn and the mirror prison of the Black Warlock. Missing one of their own, they continue their quest to rescue their family and friends, but they know their path may lead to death. Will they succeed or fail?  Miranda knows she must find the courage to find Matt and reunite the group before they battle Uthal and the Winter Witch. Join the adventure as they conclude the journey that began in “The Forgotten Spell.”



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