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LOGIAD6.png#amwriting #legendsofgreenisle book two “The Mirror Sliver” – It’s coming soon!

I haven’t forgotten my duty as an author to complete the series. Life has just gotten in the way. I haven’t blogged in a way, because I was concentrating on finishing my thesis and rewriting the first book in the series. Of course, thesis work can take up a large amount of time, not to mention creating lectures and lesson plans. Book two, “The Mirror Sliver” is almost through its final editing. I’m just sorry that its taken a little longer than expected. Part of this was life changes in my own personal life – a move to a new state and new status as a single individual with two dogs and three cats. Things are shaping up though and I think that fans of #legendsofgreenisle will be very happy when the wait is over for book two. Lots of twists and new side stories they weren’t expecting. http://ow.ly/i/rPUmY

#LegendsOfGreenIsle Author Interview: Books and Banter

Many thanks to LocGlin at Books and Banter for the wonderful interview of #LegendsOfGreenIsle and book one “The Forgotten Spell.” Please take a few moments to visit the blog. LocGlin has highlighted many wonderful authors and new releases.



Legends of Green Isle – Blogspot Interview on Books and Banter

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas month so far. I wanted to extend a personal invitation to visit my friend LocGlin and his blog “Books and Banter” on January 27, 2016. Legends of Green Isle will be the spotlight as well as an interview with yours truly.

And if you need a great Christmas gift for that middle-schooler or teenager in your house, consider Book One – “The Forgotten Spell.” It’s the first in the series of six books and a great adventure.  1280-960-70312

Finishing Strong in a YA Fantasy Series (Concluding book two “The Mirror Sliver.”)

As any writer knows, its finishing that last sentence of the story which is the trophy of any writing. When writing a series, books can be spaced apart as many as three years, and it can be difficult remembering certain points or plots which you constructed in a previous book. So how do you finish up strong towards the end when there is an apparent space of time between the books?

First of all, giving yourself a good outline for each book is a healthy way to organize your thoughts. Put together a binder, separate each book by a tab, place notes and things you’ve jotted down within each tab so you have a reference point to go back to when writing the next part of your series. If you make a change in the book, note it in your outline. Have some small notecards with characters names from each volume. This can help you with remembering who is who. When finishing a part of the series, attempt to write some lingering questions that will have the reader anxious to find out the answer. If you’re like me, you may write a cliff hanger into the last chapter. This is  going to happen in book two – “The Mirror Sliver.” Not only is the story line gathering strength through each individual book, but it is also gathering momentum towards the last book itself, climaxing in the last few chapters of the last book.

Book two is ten chapters away from its conclusion.  I’m finding that as I write these last chapters, the story itself is somewhat deciding on its lingering questions.  The Mirror Sliver will finish strong with a cliff hanger that only book three will be able to answer.  I’m getting excited about this book’s ending. (Mainly because the next book’s characters are already clamoring for their time in the story.)

Happy Writing all!writing

Writing a Young Adult Fantasy Series? What you need to know.

Book Cover of “The Mirror Sliver”

Legends of Green Isle is my baby.  Six books with the possibility of three additional ones which tell the back story of Green Isle, has been in the process since 2003.  I’m amazed at how people can generate books within a few short months.  I guess that’s why I’m blogging about Legends today, because it’s taking me quite a while to complete these.  I thought I could do the same thing, write them out in a few years, but reality set in as I was creating the outlines, the characters, the world, the story itself.  It’s not that easy.

Preparing this series, I realized that weaving the story throughout six books requires an in-depth examination of the tale as I completed the outlines themselves.  I was going to need to make sure that what I was writing in book two concurs with book one and also book six.  For example, a key that is silver in book one doesn’t turn into a gold one by book five. (Haha).    

I also got back the first word from my editor after I sent her the first fifteen chapters of Book Two – “The Mirror Sliver.” Our May release had to be pushed off as she requested that I rewrite and add some chapters in the beginning to make the story flow from book one to book two.

Outlining has been a difficult part of the process for me.  I’m not an outliner normally, I shoot from the hip.  Yet, with this series, I found that NOT creating an outline will lead me down a path I don’t wish to go, and that would be, forgetting some important detail from a previous book that needs to be brought out in one of the next books.  For example, a haunted portrait in book one, mentioned briefly, will have a dramatic effect in book three.  Can’t forget those types of detail, so an outline must be created.  (It was a most daunting task.) My boyfriend Kevin has to listen to me sometimes talk about the story, and is in amazement that I have all of it up in my head.  (I had a most horrid thought a while ago that if I perished before the series was done who would complete it since all of it was in my head.  Another reason I created the outlines and notes on characters. Perhaps one of my children would pick up the pieces and finish it.)

Creating an adventure that would appeal to young adults was also another hurtle.  I stopped reading all young adult books because I didn’t want my story to be influenced by any other author’s creative stories. (i.e. Harry Potter)  Music seemed to inspire me though, so I would listen to the Lord of the Rings albums.

Map of Green Isle

So what can you expect as an author wishing to create a long series of Young Adult Fantasy books?  Lots of outlining, pre-planning, character creation (write them down and address their personalities), the world in which they live (helpful is you design a map and the important places for your own viewpoint), and a good editor who can see where the story is supposed to go and get it there. (Thanks Jessica Keaton!)

I can honestly say, never hurry a great idea, it must be simmered and stirred.

The Creation of Green Isle

As an author, stories come to me in many different circumstances.  This particular series was actually a dream I had one night and then, another night.  It was as if the muses were speaking directly to me, and something wonderful was in the beginnings of being created.  This happened in 2003.

Now it is 2011.  Eight years of creating a world and its people – characters who have been voices in my head, speaking their tale, and helping to write the words. All have come together to start a magical epic adventure that I hope young adults, and others alike, will enjoy being part of.

I’ve started this blog so that I can hear what my readers think, but also to journal the creation of the books which will follow.  Five more in this series, and then others, as I travel back before this time, seeking to establish how Green Isle came into being.

I want to share the research which I have been delving into.  It is quite fascinating.  There is a tone of the legend of Atlantis buried within the structure of the entire story of Green Isle.  And as I have just begun reading this wonderful book by Frank Joseph called “The Atlantis Encyclopedia”  I have discovered that there are several cultures out there which called Atlantis the “Green Isle.”  This makes my story more compelling, because I never knew this until a few days ago, long after the words “Green Isle” was muttered within the dreams.  My muses have blessed me.

I created this epic tale for my children, like Tolkien did for his son during WWII. As long as my children enjoy and like them, then I have passed the gauntlet of their discerning judgment, and will be forever happy.

Now, onto more researching and more writing.  Book two, “The Mirror Sliver,” is advancing towards completion, and the characters are beckoning to write again.