#LegendsOfGreenIsle Author Interview: Books and Banter

Many thanks to LocGlin at Books and Banter for the wonderful interview of #LegendsOfGreenIsle and book one “The Forgotten Spell.” Please take a few moments to visit the blog. LocGlin has highlighted many wonderful authors and new releases.



Legends of Green Isle – Blogspot Interview on Books and Banter

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas month so far. I wanted to extend a personal invitation to visit my friend LocGlin and his blog “Books and Banter” on January 27, 2016. Legends of Green Isle will be the spotlight as well as an interview with yours truly.

And if you need a great Christmas gift for that middle-schooler or teenager in your house, consider Book One – “The Forgotten Spell.” It’s the first in the series of six books and a great adventure.  1280-960-70312

Are You Committed?

The past couple of days I’ve really been thinking a great deal about this word, commitment.  This semester is the last semester I have of classes before I do my student teaching and I’ve started to prepare my applications for graduate school.  I’ve sent the manuscripts of Book One “The Forgotten Spell” and half of Book Two “The Mirror Sliver” off to Laura Blum Guest of Mariposa Press in France, as she has taken the series under her wing, and agreed to represent Legends of Green Isle as an agent.  Things seems to be going pretty good, right.  Yet, there are always some kind of bumps in the highway of life.  Nothing is ever easy; I learned that a long time ago.  My bumps seem to becoming more frequent in that road.  Because of my school, I haven’t been able to work a normal 9 to 5 job.  I work little part-time gigs when I can fit them in.  Recently I spent a day in the hospital where I had to have numerous tests and so forth.  I don’t have great insurance, so I cringe every time I open the mailbox.  We haven’t been able to make our bills every month without robbing Peter to pay Paul, so the medical bills are going to throw another kink in the works.  I wonder how it’s going to be next semester when I won’t have my history intern job or my tutoring job at the school.  These thoughts bring me always back to that word commitment.

Are you committed Connie Wallace to see this to the end?  And how far does that commitment go?

Yes, that was me talking to myself as I stare at my notebook with my story outlines in them, waiting for me to write.  I heave a heavy sigh because right now I’m committed to graduating.  It would be easy to allow these bumps to get the better of me and just give up.  But I think of my boyfriend who gets up at 4:30 am every morning and drives two hours to work down in Atlanta and then drives the same distance home every night.  He is always committed.  I need to be the same way.

So, even though money, gas, food may be tight, I need to remind myself that I’m to be committed to finishing. I’m not a quitter. My commitment runs deep.  I set goals for myself a long time ago, that I wouldn’t leave this world until I managed to make some kind of mark in it.  Whether it be a small one or big one.   Let’s hope that the mark stays…as a testimony to my commitment.


Are you one of those? Pro-active or Pro-crastinator?

Well the semester is in full swing, and my plate is overflowing with stuff and more stuff.  This week I have two response papers due for two separate history classes and a French test.  Plus I am interning in the History Department, and I am the History Tutor at the Academic Success Center.  I also decided that I would lend a hand to the college’s yearly student driven publication called the “Corn Creek Review,” and we met last week to get an agenda going for the next couple of weeks to look at students submissions. {take a deep breath} Then I am also getting the redesigned cover in place on the e-book and paper book of “The Forgotten Spell” and hoping to get book two “The Mirror Sliver” out this spring, and talking to my designer about its cover.  Plus I have several poems and shorts I am finishing up for submitting else where.  And let’s not forget, the hours I must spend in the local schools for my education courses.

I try to be one of those people who are extremely pro-active, and utilize every moment to get ahead of the game.  But lately I am finding that I’ve been the other kind, and adopting some pro-crastinating traits.  This is the next to last semester of full classes I will have, and I am taken back to my senior days of high school. Could it be I am getting a touch of that disease that hit most seniors as they approach the last leg of their education process?

I am wondering if it is because as an Indie Author, I am wrapped up into the social media network plug, self-marketing and self-promoting my series.  Some days I find that I spend over three hours just in the social network web, and then I just want to veg in front of a book or the TV, my brain spent already, and I haven’t even touched the books.

Well, which ever it may be, I need to get off this blog and start studying that French.

Or, maybe I’ll just watch the History Channel.