Short Stories and What Not

What Happened?

What happened to those times when laughter came so easily? I don't have it much anymore. It doesn't come from deep within. No, not like it used to. What happened? I feel it has been the roads which I've chosen. Those byways of connections, Loves which were lost, Memories not made, Times forgotten. What happened?… Continue reading What Happened?


A Journey with Life’s Pen.

We all start out in the world, naked.  A clean slate in which life dabs a pen and begins to write.  It's a unique experience being a part of life's story.  We all are in one big book that keeps going on and on.  It doesn't stop when I die, it gets carried on in a sequel with my children… Continue reading A Journey with Life’s Pen.

Short Stories and What Not

“The Lonely Shore”

        The Lonely Shore Weather has changed Water cooler Leaves fallen from glory Lie beat, discarded Tossed about by the careless wind Rattling in discontent as they tumble and skip It understands This sense of emptiness This lonely shore Warmth is fleeting Sand, once filled with summer light Obscured now, by grayness… Continue reading “The Lonely Shore”