Short Stories and What Not

“Between Us and Them”

BETWEEN US AND THEM Who created this line? between us and them. Who made up the rules this separation. We have the same heart beat, walk the same way, our skin may be different, our language not quite the same, so who said, it's between us and them. Was it the politicians, the government our… Continue reading “Between Us and Them”



This little poem was published in the Young Harris College's yearly publication (2010-2011) "Corn Creek Review."   Hell I lived there once. It was pleasant, not too hot, not too cold. I lived there once. Finding my light turned to dark. Seeking nothing but green. Leading to nothing but black. I lived there once. With strangers… Continue reading “Hell”

Short Stories and What Not

“Closer to the Clouds”

For those who have camping on the brain...           Closer to the Clouds It is the rustling of the wind, or, perhaps the play of trees. The gentle sound of a hushed whisper, coming up over the mountain yonder way. Movement in rolling waves, as the breeze caresses the tops of… Continue reading “Closer to the Clouds”

Short Stories and What Not

“Empty Nest”

Congratulations to my daughter Calle for her recent graduation from Young Harris College, and her move to Texas to begin a new life. Kudos to my son Christian Chase Wallace, who made me proud for his decision to become a part of the 101st Airborne at Ft. Bragg, and the littlest one's work in art.… Continue reading “Empty Nest”

Short Stories and What Not

“The Lonely Shore”

        The Lonely Shore Weather has changed Water cooler Leaves fallen from glory Lie beat, discarded Tossed about by the careless wind Rattling in discontent as they tumble and skip It understands This sense of emptiness This lonely shore Warmth is fleeting Sand, once filled with summer light Obscured now, by grayness… Continue reading “The Lonely Shore”

Short Stories and What Not

Lucky’s Post – My dog wanted the limelight today.

Lucky enjoying "his" boat. Shhhh, don't tell him its ours.Today Lucky wanted me to do a blog on him, so I am.  Kev and I got Lucky just about the time we reconnected two years ago.  He's been the best little dog ever, and has turned out to be a "boat" dog.  Lucky was abandoned… Continue reading Lucky’s Post – My dog wanted the limelight today.