The Tinman’s Heart

Man: Why do you keep watching those videos? You can’t bring them back. Woman: They were so beautiful…I’ve got to try to save them. Man: How do you propose to do that little one? Woman: I’m going back in time. I like that one…he reminds me of the Tin Man – gotta find a heart.… Continue reading The Tinman’s Heart

Short Stories and What Not

Tin Mans and Dorothy

I have been following a trail the past couple of years - sort of like a sojourn or spirit journey towards finding answers. For some reason got hooked on Yelawolf's song "Til it's Gone" and it brought back the desire to create again. (Why did I get hooked? Line in the song 'Give love when… Continue reading Tin Mans and Dorothy

Short Stories and What Not

Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle

We don't just stick to fantasy writing here at LOGI. Sometimes, a guest will pop over from other places and offer some poetry. Today, our guest is Dr. Marvin Pippert and his poem "Paradoxical Opposition." Thank you Dr. Pippert from taking time out from your lectures to give our readers some of your creative writing.… Continue reading Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle

Short Stories and What Not

Is there time? Lost upon a path Shadowed by fear, uncertainty Feeling forgotten and alone, Wondering, wondering Is there time? Seeing, yet not touching Hearing, but not speaking Feeling, yet not finding, that kindred soul. Wondering, wondering Is there time? Memories masked with anger Some made not at all. Have we crossed that threshold? Wondering, wondering Is… Continue reading Is there time?

Short Stories and What Not

What Happened?

What happened to those times when laughter came so easily? I don't have it much anymore. It doesn't come from deep within. No, not like it used to. What happened? I feel it has been the roads which I've chosen. Those byways of connections, Loves which were lost, Memories not made, Times forgotten. What happened?… Continue reading What Happened?

Short Stories and What Not

The man in the tree

Down by the meadow In a darken forest floor, there was a little man, who lived in the ancient oak of lore. I visited him in my childhood, talked with him at great lengths. He always made me laugh at the tales of fairy dance. But as the days grew shorter, and winter set in,… Continue reading The man in the tree

Short Stories and What Not

The Yielding

I have yielded Yet, against my will. The light which now guides me is not my own. Sweet death, Sweet bird, carry my news to the kingdom. Their prince, their King, has succumbed to darkness. Who shall lead them? Who shall show compassion now? Fly little bird, fly far away. Find thy knight. Seek him… Continue reading The Yielding

Short Stories and What Not

Should We Fall

The cry is heard, upon the ramparts. Ships on the horizon!! Hurry men, gather weapons. the enemy's wind is behind them. Should we fall, we fall with honor, for our hearts are brave and true. The King has mustered all his kingdom and set upon it his fire for life. Should we fall, we fail… Continue reading Should We Fall