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LOGIAD6.png#amwriting #legendsofgreenisle book two “The Mirror Sliver” – It’s coming soon!

I haven’t forgotten my duty as an author to complete the series. Life has just gotten in the way. I haven’t blogged in a way, because I was concentrating on finishing my thesis and rewriting the first book in the series. Of course, thesis work can take up a large amount of time, not to mention creating lectures and lesson plans. Book two, “The Mirror Sliver” is almost through its final editing. I’m just sorry that its taken a little longer than expected. Part of this was life changes in my own personal life – a move to a new state and new status as a single individual with two dogs and three cats. Things are shaping up though and I think that fans of #legendsofgreenisle will be very happy when the wait is over for book two. Lots of twists and new side stories they weren’t expecting. http://ow.ly/i/rPUmY

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JULY 4TH WEEK LONG PROMO CELEBRATION Legends of Green Isle’s book one “The Forgotten Spell” will be part of a July 4th celebration sale. The Ravenswood Publishing Sale features not only the first volume of the series but other great titles from Ravenswood Publishing. Visit Amazon from July 1st to July 8th to catch this fantastic deal on “The Forgotten Spell.” Book two ” The Mirror Sliver” will be released November 2016. Join the Adventure!

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#LegendsOfGreenIsle Author Interview: Books and Banter

Many thanks to LocGlin at Books and Banter for the wonderful interview of #LegendsOfGreenIsle and book one “The Forgotten Spell.” Please take a few moments to visit the blog. LocGlin has highlighted many wonderful authors and new releases.



Legends of Green Isle – Blogspot Interview on Books and Banter

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying the Christmas month so far. I wanted to extend a personal invitation to visit my friend LocGlin and his blog “Books and Banter” on January 27, 2016. Legends of Green Isle will be the spotlight as well as an interview with yours truly.

And if you need a great Christmas gift for that middle-schooler or teenager in your house, consider Book One – “The Forgotten Spell.” It’s the first in the series of six books and a great adventure.  1280-960-70312

Thanksgiving …. And all I’m thankful for

This Thanksgiving is going to be quiet. No one but me and my boyfriend, 6 1/2 cats, four dogs, a couple of the neighbors chickens, and a Red bird that sits down at the garden. It’s been a year. We’ve managed to eek around several car accidents without too much expense, we’ve had parents, children, and other family visit over the summer, couple of home repairs, and lots of school work as I wind down to the last six months of Masters grad work. The most important event to me is the final rewrite and publishing of the first book in the Green Isle series. I’m very thankful for the steadfast support of my family and friends through the whole process of reinventing myself during middle age. At 50, I stand out in the grad office with the younger crew. And while I’ve got years of life experience over them, I’m thankful to be within this crowd, for they have taught me much in the past two years. Tomorrow is a day of feasting, and yet, it is also a day of reflection. What has the past year brought? Where do we want to go from here? How do we proceed with changes? And who do we want with us as we change to the next year? I’m also thankful for you, the reader and followers of this blog. It’s been a good journey thus far…and it’s only going to get better.

Happy Thanksgiving! And happy writing….

Editing and Rewriting: profiling your characters.

Chapter OneWriting and editing seems to be a never ending cycle of creation and destruction. I say it this way because when I first wrote “The Forgotten Spell,” the first book of the series, it was over six years ago. Since then I’ve completed undergraduate work and am now in graduate studies at Clemson University, and my writing has improved. I didn’t realize until I got back the first round of edits from my wonderful editor Lisanne, how really horrible the book was. One of the main complaints from Lisanne was characterization and of course mid-book slump – no action. Thus, much of what I created has to be destroyed in order to renew the story. Stories evolve too. You may find that first initiation draft does quite get the point across. Yes, my characters did sound all alike in the first book. Lisanne was right. They were individuals in my head, talking to me, but on paper their personalities didn’t come through. I have to destroy their sameness and create them all over again.

Here was some great advice from a good friend: Have you profiled the characters? Start with name, short physical description, likes and dislikes, family, personal history. Make a sheet for each main character, and maybe make a drawing. You can use images that embody your characters: Garfield, WOW, Marvel, Barbie, friends, etc. Profiles can help you position characters and round out scenes. Why does X carry a broken watch? He set the watch to the hour she died and smashed it to preserve the memory, never to forget the goal of his quest.” Mark Wilkinson was a wonderful friend who I knew at University of Alaska way back when. He is also a fantastic writer. Great advice. It has helped me quite a bit. Thanks Mark!



The Next Chapter…

Chapter One

It has been an exciting week for us here in Green Isle land. The series has been added to the GMTA Publishing family, all nine books, and the contract was signed and delivered yesterday. (Six books in Legends of Green Isle and three others, which will feature a prequel story of Green Isle’s beginnings.) Our wonderful cover artist, Sandip, will be hard at work helping with a revision of book one’s cover, along with creating book three’s design.

What a blessing to have met Kitty Bullard and her publishing firm. Everyone in Green Isle is doing a happy dance. After the celebration, we’ll be back at work on book three – “Revenge of the Salamander King.”  Join the adventure by following us on Twitter @GreenIsleAuthor or our Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/LegendsOfGreenIsle

Happy Friday everyone!