The End! Or is it?

Well this last semester of undergraduate work is winding down.  I have less than two weeks of student teaching left and I find that I have to admit - I am going to miss the kids.  I've enjoyed being with these ninth graders from Union County High School, and they've taught me a great deal of what it means… Continue reading The End! Or is it?


Almost There……

It has been a long semester.  Between working 40 hours student teaching, I've been trying to fit working in anytime I can, so I've been doing about 60-70 hours and working 7 days a week is getting a little old.  I just have to remind myself, I'm almost there. Graduation is May 4th.  I've been accepted by… Continue reading Almost There……


Ode to Finals and Graduate School Applications

It is time.   The semester that I have been working for since I started this journey in January of 2010.  Student Teaching (Yes, all by myself).  I have picked high school history and it shall start January 8th.  Am I excited?  More like petrified.  Not of the kids, but of the fact that I may not… Continue reading Ode to Finals and Graduate School Applications

Short Stories and What Not

Today is Poetry Day – Empty Nest

Congratulations to my daughter Calle for her recent graduation from Young Harris College, and her move to Texas to begin a new life.  I miss all three of my little chicks, but know they are bound for great things in this world. EMPTY NEST I hear the bird, just outside my window. The chirping bright and… Continue reading Today is Poetry Day – Empty Nest