The End! Or is it?

100_2480Well this last semester of undergraduate work is winding down.  I have less than two weeks of student teaching left and I find that I have to admit – I am going to miss the kids.  I’ve enjoyed being with these ninth graders from Union County High School, and they’ve taught me a great deal of what it means to teach.

But now it’s time for graduation and the end of undergraduate work.  Yet, it’s not going to be the end of my learning experience.  I’ve been accepted to Clemson’s graduate program.  I also found out today that I was awarded a Fellowship.  I was proud and excited to be one of the ten students chosen nationally for this Fellowship.  I’m also excited because it means that the beginning to a new chapter is opening in my life.   I’m looking forward to summer because now I can concentrate on finishing Book Two of Legends of Green Isle, “The Mirror Sliver.”  Even though I am not very far away from 50, I have this feeling that my life is just beginning.

Almost There……

imagesCA174ACFIt has been a long semester.  Between working 40 hours student teaching, I’ve been trying to fit working in anytime I can, so I’ve been doing about 60-70 hours and working 7 days a week is getting a little old.  I just have to remind myself, I’m almost there.

Graduation is May 4th.  I’ve been accepted by Clemson University in their Graduate program with a scholarship and assistantship.  Yes, I’m jazzed, just to pooped to jump up and down.  I have to say that my respect for teachers has risen.  I’ve been teaching, preparing lesson plans, dealing with classroom management, speaking to parents in parent/teacher conferences and so forth.  It. Wears. You. Out.  Plus there are children who just are difficult to help.  They are their own worst enemy and it takes a lot of energy not to give up on them.  I’ve found that some students don’t like my teaching style because I’m not entertaining.  (Sorry, I want you to learn not be entertained in school.)  But it makes it worth while when there are the few who say “thank you” for teaching me something, because I know I’m my own worst enemy and its my fault that my grades aren’t up to parr.

I’m almost there.  I say this because going into student teaching I had a much different idea about what I should be doing with teaching.  It’s been reversed.  I can’t give you all the reasons, except to say that it’s not what I expected and I found that my level of care for their education has grown.  I’ve seen a lot of things that I never thought I would have to deal with.  Young people whose own parents give up on them, others who don’t have parents who care and live with someone else and those who just don’t have anyone at all; these are the ones who slip through the school system, without really having someone look them in the face and ask questions about who they are, what they want, what their plans are….there is so much more to being a teacher than people realize.

I’m almost there.  I think this experience is preparing me for something great, I just don’t know what it is yet.   I have found my true calling and it is – Teacher.

Ode to Finals and Graduate School Applications

CupcakesIt is time.   The semester that I have been working for since I started this journey in January of 2010.  Student Teaching (Yes, all by myself).  I have picked high school history and it shall start January 8th.  Am I excited?  More like petrified.  Not of the kids, but of the fact that I may not teach them one darn thing.  What if I bore the crap out of them?  Wait, I’ve bored the crap out of many students I’ve tutored, I know.  I’ve seen the vacant look in their eyes, kind of like me, the night before a final exam, when all information has left my brain and I freeze in terror that I’ll make a 68 or some other worse grade.

But I am determined to succeed!  My Christmas break shall be spent relishing the fact that for me, undergraduate finals are over.  Yet now I must conquer the daunting task of filling out the numerous graduate school applications.  It’s almost like a test in itself.  Writing a personal statement, sending in transcripts, a writing sample, recommendation letters, CV resume, and so much more packed into a week or a day in order for them to tell me “You’re GRE grades are just average! NO ADMITTANCE!”

Yikes!  I think I’m going to go bake some cupcakes.  I need some comfort food.

Today is Poetry Day – Empty Nest

Congratulations to my daughter Calle for her recent graduation from Young Harris College, and her move to Texas to begin a new life.  I miss all three of my little chicks, but know they are bound for great things in this world.


I hear the bird, just outside my window.

The chirping bright and pretty.

Mama bird is calling to her babies,

The three perched upon the nest.

It is time, she sings,

To spread your wings.

Fly the sky.

One by one they flutter

The beat so tiny and timid.

But soon they learn

And off they go

As mama watches, content.

It is not long before I see,

These tiny hatchlings disappear.

The nest is empty

Except for mama

Who now sings so wistfully,

For she knows her babies grew

And must find their own song tree,

But she is wishing just like me

That they were still

Young and frail

Huddled in her empty nest.