Thank You: An Appreciation of the “One Lovely Blog Award.”

Being in the social media network you meet some wonderful people who become friends even though you may never speak to them other than across the web.  One such dear friend is Belinda Witzenhausen who is such an inspiration with her blog.   A freelance writer, editor, creativity coach, online radio show producer, artist and amateur photographer, Belinda has been a refreshing inspiration to me each day I open my email and read her words or see her photos.  It was a great and special surprise when I received a note from her saying she mentioned me in her blog, and when I visited her site, I saw she nominated me for the “One Lovely Blog Award.”  What an honor!  Thank you Belinda!  I appreciate your nomination!

There are some rules to the award:

  • Thank the person/people who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

Okay so here is 7 things about myself:

  1. I have one more year of undergraduate work to do at Young Harris College, and I’m scared to death of Student Teaching in the Spring of 2013.
  2. My greatest hero is my son Christian Wallace, who is in the 101st Airborne Division and jumps out of planes.
  3. My best friend in the world is Kevin Henderson, who not only is a wonderful boyfriend, but is the dirt that keeps up my rock. (Dirt and Rock forever!)
  4. I have two beautiful daughters Calle and Kelsey and they both live in Texas.
  5. I have a love for quilting and wish I had more time to sew.
  6. I love to draw, especially if its messy and encompasses charcoal.
  7. I live in the North Georgia Mountains and where my house is, we’re just minutes from the lake.

Enough about me.  On to some wonderful Bloggers.

  1.  – Arley is a young man about my daughter Kelsey’s age and love photography about as much as she does.  He disappeared off he radar for a while because he had his wisdom teeth removed, but now my email is once again filled with his delightful photos.
  2. – Laura has a very informative blog.  She is always doing reviews on books.
  3. – Joseph Pinto feeds my need for a little horror.
  4. – Peter Kevin Connell who calls himself the Ill-humored Author does a fun twist on “heritage” history.  He always makes me laugh.
  5. – Kriss Morton Weekley lives in one of my old haunts – Fairbanks, AK.  She does some wonderful blogging and reviews.
  6. – Dear Diary Blog by Kellianne Sweeney.  I love her poems and other writings.
  7. – Christiana Carson, who if I had known in life before the internet, would have probably been a mentor.
  8. – Mary Ann Kempher – Supplies all my romance needs and is just an all around nice person.
  9. – Stephen Knight’s blog “Knight’s Landing” (made me think of medieval times, but  when I visit it, it is filled with Zombies.)
  10. – I love Shannon Mayer’s blog and book covers.
  11. – These two ladies keep me in stitches sometimes.
  12. – Trish Gentry ( I love the fact she is a paralegal like I was in my life previous to being a mountain woman, writer and tamer of bears.)
  13.  – Eric is a wonderful twitter friend who is always supportive of EVERYONE.
  14. Kirkus Macgowan – A wonderful Dad who writes and Blogs (Love his blog name, “Diapers, Bookmarks, and Pipe Dreams”)
  15. Krystal Wade a young woman who has beautiful things to say.

I know I could go on and on, but I must stop at 15.  Thanks again Belinda for the nomination and thoughts!

Friends Forever – Ben Eielson High School, Alaska

It gives me joy to see my children make lasting friendships with those they attend school and church with.  Having someone at your side while you walk the path you were given in this life, bonding with these individuals to form a circle of love to surpass all other things, is comforting.  To know that you have these “forever” friends to rely on, helps when things are rough and tough in your life.

My boyfriend and I went to the same high school together in Alaska.  Ben Eielson AFB is situated in the middle of the state near Fairbanks.  While it was fun seeing places not many people get to visit in their lifetime, one of the unfortunate things of being an “Air Force brat” is that you are constantly on the move, and making “forever” friends is not something easily done. Kevin and I were discussing how we could not recall many people we met along these travels until we got to Ben Eielson High School.  There is something special about that school and those who went there with us.  Even after 25+ years we are still talking to each other, and reconnecting through social media, and our crazy reunions in Las Vegas.  Kevin and I were fortunate enough to meet again to form a wonderful loving bond for each other.  (He actually dated one of my best friends Darcy in high school.  All the girls had a crush on him because he looked like Scott Baio)

What is so wonderful about the alumni of Ben Eielson High is that they are so supportive of the fellow classmates who attended the school, before and after their own time of wandering the halls.  (They definitely have been open to my new adventures in writing and it makes me feel wonderful when I get their pat on the back.)  Ben Eielson High created for us “AF Brats,” our “forever” friends.  I asked Kevin the other day “What if when I graduated, I found a teaching job there?”  He just smiled and said, “then it would be full circle.”   I find comfort in that. 🙂