Is writing good for your soul?

If I could, I would write everyday. It is unfortunate that life does not want to allow me that gift. If I could, I would squeeze a couple of more hours into the day just to quiet the desire of my soul, but with school, full time job, three grown kids, a boyfriend, four dogs… Continue reading Is writing good for your soul?


The Main Characters Book One

Matt and Toby face their new home with some reservations.  Creepy and dark, Stewart Manor does not look inviting.  Hearing strange voices in the overgrown hedge maze in back of the house their first day there, seeing the figure in the portrait over the fireplace move and hearing disembodied laughing from behind the locked gate… Continue reading The Main Characters Book One


Scottish Goddess Beira

Delving into Celtic beliefs, there are certain characters from "Green Isle" which parallel ancient oral traditions.  Bera, who is a witch in my story, is a creation from the goddess Beira.  Beira was actually considered something along the lines of Mother Nature.  She was the mother of all gods and goddesses in Scottish beliefs.  She is… Continue reading Scottish Goddess Beira


Name Change

Sometimes as you are developing a character, you put them away for awhile until you need them within the story.  It may be months before you visit them again, and when you place them in the story, you find that perhaps the name you originally chose does not fit them anymore. This is the case for… Continue reading Name Change


Book Two – The Mirror Sliver

  Now that the adventurers have left Green Isle, they are meeting with others who are seeking to battle the darkness coming from Crag Cairn in the form of a warlock named Uthal, the blackest of black warlocks.  A primeval force from the ancient days of Earth, Uthal is seeking to escape his prison, forging a long forgotten… Continue reading Book Two – The Mirror Sliver



These creatures are an important aspect of what makes Black Isle creepy.  So what are they you ask?  In Scottish folklore, the Brollachan are seen as shapeless deformed creatures.  They hold a grudge against the whole world, and walk around muttering curses against their enemies.  They have no fixed form and appear different to each person, because… Continue reading Brollachan


Research for book one

Researching characters seemed to be the most difficult task.  How was I to come up with the main players of this epic?  Matt and Toby were easy - they were the characters from my dream.   I had to develop all the rest. Sitting in front of my computer back in 2003, I stared at the… Continue reading Research for book one


The Creation of Green Isle

As an author, stories come to me in many different circumstances.  This particular series was actually a dream I had one night and then, another night.  It was as if the muses were speaking directly to me, and something wonderful was in the beginnings of being created.  This happened in 2003. Now it is 2011.  Eight years… Continue reading The Creation of Green Isle