The Talisman

She was a lonely woman who lived on the highest mountain above the village.  Very few saw her, or spoke with her.  Some nights there were stories which men told at the tavern of seeing a figure standing out on the crumbling structures of metal and concrete, the form illuminated by the moon.  Her flowing… Continue reading The Talisman


Looking for New Authors to Spotlight

Dear fellow writers: I need you! As I write this, I think about the WWI posters featuring Uncle Sam pointing a finger. I need you! Well...I need you if you write a certain genre. is branching out and adding a new feature - An Author Spotlight page for those who write YA/Adult: Fantasy, Epic… Continue reading Looking for New Authors to Spotlight


Equal Opportunity versus Equal Results Many people know that I am a Kurt Vonnegut fan. I loved "Slaughterhouse Five," which is based partly on his experiences as a POW in WWII. Not many people though are familiar with his short story "Harrison Bergeron." Written in a time before our school systems became an equal results playing field, I thought… Continue reading Equal Opportunity versus Equal Results