Dreams: A Connection to the Cosmos

dali-clockI’ve always paid attention to my dreams. They are like motion movies, in color and sometimes very action packed. Two dreams are what gave me the outline and story concept for the Legends of Green Isle Series. They have also given me insight into problems, and in some instances a brief glance into possible future events. It could almost be said that your dreams are connections to the cosmos. They are often referred to in the Bible as prophetic to those God has chosen to do his work. I’m not saying I’m a chosen messenger or anything, but some dreams, more than others, make me stand up and take notice.

I remember being 19 and living on the base in Alaska when I had a dream like that. I took a nap before my after-school job and had a dream that a little kid ran out in front of me and I couldn’t stop on the road quick enough because of the packed snow. I ran over the kid and killed him in my dream. When I got up to go to work, the images of the dream haunted me. I drove slow on the base roads, the dream still very powerful in my mind. The elementary school was letting out as I turned on the road leading out of the housing area. Had I not been thinking of that dream and going slower than normal, the kid who ran right out in front of my car would have been hit and I most likely would have killed him. Yes, it was a premonition.

With that being said, I refer back to two previous blog posts I did about dreams that referenced some sort of message about an earthquake in the Texas area. This was in March 2012.  I did a follow-up on the same dream in May of 2012. Since then I have had a lot of visitors to these two particular blog post. At the beginning of this month, one of our visitor, Cheryl, sent this message to me:

Read your article,
strange things are happening,
not sure if you would know this but another small earthquake last night here in East Texas.  This happened during a terrible storm coming through.
Here is the link.


What struck me most about the article that Cheryl sent was that these were earthquakes taking place around an area called Timpson, which is somewhat similar to the name that I couldn’t quite get in the dream. Anyway, I hope these dreams I had weren’t something like the one I had in Alaska. It’s terrifying to think of what I saw in the second dream. Would welcome any new information about this subject.

I want to wake up: A Reflection on the recent Newtown School Shooting.

gabriel04It was weird, but the same morning that this tragedy happened, an hour and a half before the gunman made his way into the Elementary school, I stood in the shower wondering to myself what would happen if a gunman entered the high school where I would be student teaching.  I asked myself what I would do? How I would act? Would there be time to react?

I’ve already stared at the barrel of a gun.  Back in 2000 when I lived in Houston, Texas, I was followed home one night after work and car-jacked and kidnapped in my driveway.  It wasn’t a pleasant situation.  I remember thinking to myself, preparing to die, “I didn’t get to tell my children I love them.”  Long story short, I survived.  It made sense several months later when they caught up with these boys who did this.  They were high school kids who did this to lots of other women, and they lived on the good part of town.  It was all a game, just for kicks.

But this shooting…this shooting makes no sense.  Most of the victims were 6 and 7.  Babies.  The adults who perished were teachers and administrators who devoted their lives to these babies.  They gave their lives trying to protect the youngsters.  How could anyone shoot babies?  It’s evil of the blackest kind. Only a mind totally disturbed and overtaken by darkness would venture to do this.

Two nights before this day, I had one of those nights where I didn’t sleep well.  I was constantly fighting something in my dreams that was evil and dark.  I remember dreaming that I was awake, and yet, knowing at the same time that I was asleep and dreaming.  In the corners of the bedroom was a dark shadow and it kept moving around. I remember praying for protection.  I called Kevin’s name over and over again trying to get him to wake up.  Then this thing and I were at the end of the bed.  It threw me off, but before I hit the floor, I made myself rise up and lunge for it.  Suddenly I was over Kevin and he was awake but it wasn’t him.  The voice wasn’t his.  Whatever this thing was, it only masked itself as Kevin.  It asked me what I wanted.  I said “I want to wake up.”  This Kevin look-like sat up and turned to me.  It’s eyes were black and the evil that came from them made me so afraid that I did wake up, as I cried out in my sleep.

When I saw the news about these shootings, I thought about that dark thing in my dreams.  Was this something of a warning?  Is this the type of darkness that took over that young man who murdered those babies and women?

This world has become full of darkness, killings and death.  Can we battle this, can we wake up from this awful dream?  I feel like I should be doing something, like an archangel preparing for battle.  I feel like I should be trying to make more of an impact in turning our world around but I don’t know where to start.  The shootings at Newtown just took the wind out of my sail.  I just want to wake up from a world where babies die needlessly, not just in Newtown, but everywhere in this world.  I just want to wake up.

May 17th, 2012 Quake in East Texas: Update to “Are Dreams Able to Predict the Future?”

Recent Florida Sinkhole

Recent Florida Sinkhole

For those of you who follow my blog, you’ve seen an earlier post on here (March 1, 2012) about two dreams I had which centered around a loud cracking noise under the land and a ghost revealing to me that an earthquake was to hit Texas.  Not knowing at that time about fault lines running through the state, I set about researching them.  I have since uncovered a great deal of information concerning Texas Fault Lines and the New Madrid Fault which is under the area of the Mississippi River going north towards the Great Lakes.  What peaked my interest again, was the fact that last week on May 17th, 2012, a 4.3 earthquake hit East Texas, and hits on my blog rose.  Previous to this date of about a week, I noticed a steady trend in people finding my blog by the key words “Texas Fault Lines.”  Were there others who were dreaming about the same thing? 

I thought I would share what I found out and my thoughts concerning this information, and an analytical study and assessment of this information. 

In Texas there is a large area called the Balcones Fault Zone which runs approximately from the southwest of the state near Del Rio to the north central region near Waco along I-35.  It’s location could be related to Ouachita Mountains which formed about 300 million years ago during a continental collision.  According to the Texas State Historical association there have been about 110 recorded earthquakes between 1847 and 1994 along that line. 

This is a list of the most common fault lines which run through Texas: Rio Grande Rift Belt, the Panhandle, the Ouachita Belt and the Coastal Plain. 

According to a Science Daily article, there was a university geologist who reported that there exists about 300 surface faults in Houston.  (Not called the Bayou city for nothing.) After Tropical Storm Allison hit, there was a call to begin re-defining the flood plain.  In doing this they discovered the fault lines.  Many of them are associated with the salt domes in the southeast part of Harris County.  Others are located in the northwest part of the city near Highway TX 6 (Sam Houston Parkway) and I-10 where there is currently an ongoing subsidence, or sinking, of the ground.

Another great fault area in the southern United States is called the New Madrid Fault which is a series of fault lines known as the Reelfoot Rift.  It covers 150 miles south from Cairo, Illinois through New Madrid and Caruthersville, Missouri, down through Blytheville, Arkansas to Marked Tree Arkansas, then dips into Kentucky near Fulton and into the state of Tennessess near Reelfoot Lake, extending southeast to Dyersburg.  What is noteworthy about this system is that it trembled violently in the winter of 1811-1812 with about three (3) magnitude 8 quakes.  People speculate that we are due for another one.  Eyeing both the fault line of Texas and that of the New Madrid Fault Line, they meet, making  a large pie wedge of the southern United States. 

What is similar between the fault lines in Houston and the New Madrid Fault is that both are in areas which could liquify because of the soil conditions above them.  I believe, and these are my thoughts, this liquification is already happening.  Evidence of large sinkholes in the United States may be a precursor for this large quake I dreamed about as the southern portion of the US is slowly sinking below sea level and splitting.  (Just my speculation.)

There is evidence that sinkholes could be related to earthquakes as seen with the December 26, 2004 quake and resulting tidal wave which killed hundreds of thousands of people.  After the December quake, near Bernama and Perak, about 14 sinkholes appeared. The State Mineral and Geoscience department head Mohamed Noor Ayoob did not rule out the fact that the sinkholes were related to the quake.  Also in 2003 an earthquake of about 4.9 hit Dekalb County, Alabama which triggered an incidence of a large 29 foot sinkhole close to Ft. Payne, Al. 

Florida is especially noteworthy with sinkholes.  According to recorded insurance claims, from 2007 to 2012, sinkholes claims by Florida residences in the Tampa Bay area have tripled.  This also corresponds to the increase in seismic activity during this same period of time in the areas from Texas to the East Coast.  It was reported in Odessa in January 2005, several small sinkholes have now radiated out and have grown larger. It is interesting to note that in September 2011, earthquakes were reported by Channel 11 in Lubbock, Texas to be happening with more frequency in Snyder, Texas.  The town is in between Lubbock and Sweetwater along a fault line in the Panhandle.  (Llano Front)  November 20, 2011 a sinkhole opened up in the middle of a field in Beckham County, Oklahoma.  

 May 8, 2008, a rather large sinkhole appeared one day in Daisetta, Texas, which is a suburb of Houston and another one  more recently on July 10, 2011.  The July 10th sinkhole was  260 ft deep, the length of 3 football fields.  Doing a map quest I found that Daisetta, Texas is about 144 miles directly south of Timpson the epicenter of the May 17th quake, along the border of Texas / Louisiana. (This is freakishly similar to the name I heard in my dream – “Tipton”.)  According to news reports the May 17th is the second one in that area this month.  The first was on May 10th and registered a 3.9.   

As I gathered this information, a nagging thought formulated itself.  Could this pie wedge portion of the southern US be splitting?  Could the sinkholes be appearing because the land is opening up as the Eastern part of North America is separating from the Western half, and bayou areas like Florida, the Houston area, Louisiana, the Gulf Coast Region be sinking?  It brings to mind the large quake which happened in Washington, D.C.   Is the East Coast on the move? It is notable to say that the recent large quake of Japan moved the island 15 miles closer to the Western part of North America.   Where is all this going?  Can dreams predict the future?

Cats and Spiders: History of Native American Totem Animals

Lucky and Nanners – Best Buds

I don’t know if it’s because of a full moon approaching or we’re nearing the cosmic alignment with the center of the universe, but lately I’ve been having some weird dreams which involve, much to my horror, spiders, with an occasion cat thrown in just to mix it up.  Seeing that I have been inducted by association into the Henderson Comanche Grey Mountain clan, (my boyfriend’s family) it made me think about the history of Native American belief in spirit animals.

Native Americans took great stock in spirit animals, believing them to be totem animals.  A totem could be the symbol of a tribe, clan, family or individual.  Indian tradition connects individuals with at least nine different animals which accompany one through life.  It was believed that these different animal guides come in and out of our lives depending on the direction we are headed in, and the tasks that need to be completed along the journey.  These totem animals are with you for life both in the physical and spiritual world and while animal guides may change throughout your life time, it is the one totem animal that acts as the main guardian spirit.

Well, I have dreamed off and on about several types of animals during my lifetime and they always seem to be leading me somewhere in my dreams, but my one totem animal is differently the cat.  Sometimes the spider drops in on occasion both in the dream world and the physical world.  When the big hairy mountain spiders (they look like baby tarantulas) suddenly spring into the middle of the kitchen floor, I can’t kill them.   I just sweep them gently into a dustpan and herd them out the door.

I was curious to find out what my dream animals meant, so I did a little research and found the following:

Bear:  Industrious, instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher, courage, will power, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength.  (Dreamed a lot of the bear three years ago during a tough moment in my life)

Cat: Guardianship. detachment, sensuality, mystery, magic and independence. (always have dreams about cats)

Snake: Impulsive, shrewdness, rebirth, transformation, initiation and wisdom.  (I dreamed a lot about the snake when I moved up to the mountains)

Tiger: Strength, valor, power and energy. (I’ve had several dreams about riding on the back of a tiger and it usually happens during some stress or family problem)

Wolf: Loyalty, perseverance, success, intuition and spirit.  (I had a dream a couple of months ago that a black wolf was fighting my cat in my dream.  The cat was in front of me protecting me from the wolf).

And of course the Spider: Balance, wisdom, creativity, communication.

For fun reading this summer if you like history, I recommend “The Great Cat Massacre.”  This is on my list.  Early 1700s in French history.

Are Dreams Able to Predict the Future?

Texas Fault Lines

Texas Fault Lines

This question about dreams predicting the future has been on my mind all day.  I guess it’s because I had two similar dreams this morning that pretty much scared the crap out of me.  The first one happened after I got up at 3:00 am to get a glass of water.  Going back to sleep, I suddenly slipped into a “fight for your life” dream in which a deluge of water was inundating this city and people were climbing up overpasses to escape the incoming water.  I was trying to help these children climb up onto the sloping concrete, and just about the time I got the last one up, I heard this large crack, like the snapping of a land mass underwater. (In my dream I seemed to understand that is what the sound was.) It echoed so loudly that it woke me up.  It was now 3:58 am.

Breathing heavily, I looked up at the ceiling.  Kevin’s “Quack-Quack” alarm (yes it sounds like a duck) went off about 15 minutes later.  As he was getting ready to leave I tried to convey the emotions and sounds of the dream, but I really couldn’t make him understand. Feeling like my words were just muddled in a sleepy haze, I went back to bed after he left, and that’s when I had the second dream.  This time I was helping some neighbors (who I didn’t know) with the estate sale of their brother who was an ex-military man.  As I was digging around in a tin box, I pulled out all these metals and patches that once belonged to him.  Suddenly his ghost appeared and told me his name was Randall, and that he had a warning.  He showed me a mirror and I could see land,  like coastal land, and it was bubbling with large pools of water.  Then the land began to break apart and a flood began.  I turned to him and asked where this was taking place, because I’ve already had a dream about it?  His words were diluted but I understood “Tipton or Tip of” and “Texas.”

That same cracking noise from the first dream happened in this one and woke me up with a start!  I couldn’t shake the images and certainly the sound of the land cracking.

So I did a little research about fault lines in Texas, and to my horror, and I mean horror I found that there is fault lines which go through Texas, some of them down in Houston, which is kind of on the tip of Texas.   I also found an article about small earthquakes in Cleburne, Texas a couple of years ago, 3 within 6 days.  But to make it worse, my youngest daughter lives in Houston with her father.  Should the tip  of Texas go crashing into the sea so would she! That is not something I want to even consider.  While this was just a series of dreams, it makes me pause to think.  I never knew anything about the fault line in Texas before this.  So how did my sub-conscience?  It really makes me wonder, are dreams able to predict the future?  Tell me some of your weird ones and if anything came true from them.  Inquiring minds want to know.


Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb – Living Life and Your Dreams

For some strange reason this song has been stuck in my head for two days.  I have not heard it on the radio or anything, it just popped up in my head.  I actually believe it was in one my dreams the more I think about it.
Is there anybody in
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
Come on,
I hear you’re feeling down.
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on
your feet again.
I’ll need some information first.
Just the
basic facts.
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through
in waves.
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying.
When I was a
child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I’ve got
that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is
not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.

Just a little
There’ll be no more aaaaaaaaah!
But you may feel a little
Can you stand up?
I do believe it’s working, good.
That’ll keep
you going through the show
Come on it’s time to go.

There is no pain
you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming
through in waves.
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying.
I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it
The child is grown,
The dream is gone.
I have become comfortably

Pink Floyd’s lyrics are actually quite deep when you read them.  Back when I was younger, we all thought this song had something to do with drugs, but as I got older and into college, in one of my English classes, we actually took it out and dissected it.  What we discovered in some of the discussions was this song mimics how some people look at life.  Going through the motions of living does not actually mean you are living, you become “comfortably numb” to what surrounds you.  The last couple of lines are the clincher, “the child is grown, the dream is gone, I have become comfortably numb.”

This song is very important to me in a strange little way, because for about a period of 12 years I was pretty “comfortably numb” to my life.  The things I dreamed about as a child, {being an author, teaching, graduating from college, my PhD} got left by the side of the road, and the harshness of life took control.  It was not until I made a move to Georgia back in 2003 that things started to come together, and I realized that I let the dream go, and was too “comfortably numb.”  I wanted it back, I wanted me back.

Moving up to the North Georgia Mountains was good for me and my children.  We stepped away from the hustle of big city life and took on a simpler country life.  I realized then simple is better. {My children would disagree sometimes, but that is youth.}  I let go of materialism, a six figure salary, bad karma, bad men, destructive behaviors and embraced love, life, my children, and compassion.  It changed me, and I found my dreams again.

So I challenge you to look upon the song, and then look upon yourself, have you become “comfortably numb?”