Short Stories and What Not


Wails of wind pass through the dead fields, battles which cursed the lands. Men, bled life and soul, none remember except for the bones. White specks which litter the uneven pastures. Death still creeps there, as the Ravens watch. The mist rising, extending ghostly fingers. Heroic deeds, forgotten, in the passage of life. The only ones… Continue reading Forgotten

Short Stories and What Not

The Yielding

I have yielded Yet, against my will. The light which now guides me is not my own. Sweet death, Sweet bird, carry my news to the kingdom. Their prince, their King, has succumbed to darkness. Who shall lead them? Who shall show compassion now? Fly little bird, fly far away. Find thy knight. Seek him… Continue reading The Yielding

Short Stories and What Not

“Silence” / A Sci-Fi Short

When I dream at night, it is usually in major motion picture color, with added 3D clarity, which brings the visions to a striking realism. Here is one called "Silence." The world was quiet.  All the anxious fear had been silenced, and the only sound right now, was the gentle washing of the sea, as… Continue reading “Silence” / A Sci-Fi Short