Writing Atlantis into my stories

The sunken city

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the theory of Atlantis.  Plato’s description of the city beyond the Pillars of Hercules has fueled an imagination of who these people were.  Many scholars have rebuffed the idea, claiming this theory is pure fantasy.  But what if it were true, and there existed a civilization that rivaled our own, thousands of years earlier than well known history.

While writing Legends of Green Isle, I thought about the Atlanteans.  It gave me the idea of how Uthal (see Characters page) came about, and the disappearance of these great people from Earth.  The theme is a subtle background for the main story and its characters.

{{On researching, I found some tidbits that peaked my interest further, and I climbed into more history. Mayans believe the foundation of time began as post deluge survivors made it to South America (August 10th, 3113 BC) – the Egyptian first dynasty began approximately 3100 BC – Babylonian version of the great flood approximately 3116 BC.}}

While not using the flood theme in my series, I did use the survivor beliefs.  In the series the Formorians (see Characters page) needed to escape their destruction by the warlock, and with the help of the Elfs, they went through the portal to a parallel dimension.  The majority of the race disappeared into the sea, with only a select survivors from the royal house making it.

I have also run across theories that the Berber people of Morocco believe they are descendants of survivors from Atlantis, as well as the Basques in Spain.  It calls for further research.  What if there was a fallen continent between North America and Europe and North Africa?  This would change all we know about history.

{{In “The Atlantis Encyclopedia” = Atlaintika (Euskara) was a sunken island referred to as “The Green Isle” from which Basque ancestors arrived in the Bay of Biscay.}}

I hope that having the shadow of the Atlantis legend will peak the interest of the reader, perhaps creating a desire to satisfy their own curiousity by doing their own research.  As a future history teacher, this is what I strive for – the stimulation of young minds, and old alike.

Happy Writing!

Map of Atlantis

History as a Writing Tool.

My son Chase and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, helping with the tree last Christmas.

Going back to school in my mid forties was a challenge.  Maintaining a business and working a 40 hour plus week, plus full time classes seemed like an up hill battle, but I was determined to do it.  As a history major, there is a load of reading and paper writing the accompanies your classes.  Along with research and outlines, you must learn to write with an eye towards the analytical and argumentative, especially as a student aimed at obtaining a PhD.  In accordance with the required dressing of a CV Resume, you also strive to submit articles to history periodicals and journals, as well as presenting papers at history conferences.  Writing and research become your second life, next to the life as a student.

It was during the first semester that I was also finishing up Book One of my series.

I can honestly say that going back and re-reading the manuscript before I came back to school made me ill.  My writing pretty much sucked.  I used to be very eloquent and artful with my words back in youthful days when I wrote alot.  But when you do not use your talent, it grows tarnished.  History became my writing tool as I delved back into school work and writing papers.

I was blessed to find myself amidst three wonder History professors who helped me shine off the dullness.  Dr. Thomas Stearns, Dr. Natalia Starostina and Dr. Matthew Byron here at Young Harris College are very kind to their pupils, but they push for excellance, in a polite, but demanding way and make you believe its for your own good.  It is the push that has helped me pick up the pace in polishing my skill.   I can certainly tell a difference in my writing.

It took me a semester to go back over Book One to re-create the chapters.  I had my boyfriend review it, as well as my son who was in boot camp down in Ft. Benning, Georgia. (I sent him a couple of Chapters at a time with his letters.)  He is a much better writer than I, and if it passed his examination, then I know I succeeded in getting to where it needed to be for publication.

While teaching History is my career objective, writing is my passion.  With preparing History papers and articles, it is the tool I need to help bring out the skill I once possessed.

Me and my wonderful boyfriend, Kevin

Book Two is shaping up pretty well.  I was very excited as I did some additional research on the Formorian connection in the book to find some other interesting things as I studied the theory of Atlantis.  I ran across a book by Frank Joseph called “The Atlantis Encyclopedia.”  What was fascinating to me was some other connections I discovered.

During last fall’s semester, I took Dr. Stearn’s History of Middle East Studies.  My research paper for the class was centered on the Berber people of Morocco.  I do not know why they peaked my interest, but they just did.  In Joseph’s book, I found a section in the “As” that along with the theory of Atlantis being a continent or land just beyond Spain and North Africa, the Berber people hold a tradition that they are descentants of the people who were refuged from Atlantis.  It excited me because this interest in the Berber people seemed to come from nowhere, but now I believe it came from a higher power. It is worth researching further.
I am amazed at all the connections I am finding between my writings and history.  Things which at first seemed to have no connection in my mind are now coming together as I study deeper into the history of our world.  History has become not only a writing tool, but has opened me for a doorway into a much higher thinking of who I am and my place in this lifetime.  Going past the trends and lessons which we are taught from childhood, I find myself seeing a much bigger picture of my place and task here during my short span of time on this planet.
Happy writing to you, and may you find your connection also.

Scottish Goddess Beira


Delving into Celtic beliefs, there are certain characters from “Green Isle” which parallel ancient oral traditions.  Bera, who is a witch in my story, is a creation from the goddess Beira.  Beira was actually considered something along the lines of Mother Nature.  She was the mother of all gods and goddesses in Scottish beliefs.  She is similar to Gaia in Greek mythology.  In ancient Scottish myths Beira had giant sons called Fooar, which later morphed into the Formorians, or “Sea People.”  In “Legends of Green Isle,” the Formorian people were cast as ancient Atlanteans who befriended the Black Warlock.  Unlike what the Irish believed, who thought the Formorians were evil, in “Legends of Green Isle” they are scholars and people of a great and knowledged magical society.

The Creation of Green Isle

As an author, stories come to me in many different circumstances.  This particular series was actually a dream I had one night and then, another night.  It was as if the muses were speaking directly to me, and something wonderful was in the beginnings of being created.  This happened in 2003.

Now it is 2011.  Eight years of creating a world and its people – characters who have been voices in my head, speaking their tale, and helping to write the words. All have come together to start a magical epic adventure that I hope young adults, and others alike, will enjoy being part of.

I’ve started this blog so that I can hear what my readers think, but also to journal the creation of the books which will follow.  Five more in this series, and then others, as I travel back before this time, seeking to establish how Green Isle came into being.

I want to share the research which I have been delving into.  It is quite fascinating.  There is a tone of the legend of Atlantis buried within the structure of the entire story of Green Isle.  And as I have just begun reading this wonderful book by Frank Joseph called “The Atlantis Encyclopedia”  I have discovered that there are several cultures out there which called Atlantis the “Green Isle.”  This makes my story more compelling, because I never knew this until a few days ago, long after the words “Green Isle” was muttered within the dreams.  My muses have blessed me.

I created this epic tale for my children, like Tolkien did for his son during WWII. As long as my children enjoy and like them, then I have passed the gauntlet of their discerning judgment, and will be forever happy.

Now, onto more researching and more writing.  Book two, “The Mirror Sliver,” is advancing towards completion, and the characters are beckoning to write again.