Etta Palm D’Aelders – Intriguing Woman of the French Revolution

DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR YOU MAY HAVE TO ENDURE MY HISTORY BLOGS AS I LIKE SHARING MY HISTORY KNOWLEDGE WITH EVERYONE.  (Probably the teacher in me coming out)   From all the different subjects that I have researched, thus far, in the history classes here at Young Harris College, I truly enjoyed delving into the... Continue Reading →

Book Review – The Celts: A History by Dáithí Ó hÓgáin

Who were these “barbarians” that fought so fiercely against the Roman Empire?  This intriguing question is answered in depth in Mr. hOgain’s book on the history of the Celts.  Always presented with the intense one-sided view of Roman conquest over the Celts as one which was necessary, the author tells the story of these Celtic... Continue Reading →

Scottish Goddess Beira

Delving into Celtic beliefs, there are certain characters from "Green Isle" which parallel ancient oral traditions.  Bera, who is a witch in my story, is a creation from the goddess Beira.  Beira was actually considered something along the lines of Mother Nature.  She was the mother of all gods and goddesses in Scottish beliefs.  She is... Continue Reading →


These creatures are an important aspect of what makes Black Isle creepy.  So what are they you ask?  In Scottish folklore, the Brollachan are seen as shapeless deformed creatures.  They hold a grudge against the whole world, and walk around muttering curses against their enemies.  They have no fixed form and appear different to each person, because... Continue Reading →

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