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LOGIAD6.png#amwriting #legendsofgreenisle book two “The Mirror Sliver” – It’s coming soon!

I haven’t forgotten my duty as an author to complete the series. Life has just gotten in the way. I haven’t blogged in a way, because I was concentrating on finishing my thesis and rewriting the first book in the series. Of course, thesis work can take up a large amount of time, not to mention creating lectures and lesson plans. Book two, “The Mirror Sliver” is almost through its final editing. I’m just sorry that its taken a little longer than expected. Part of this was life changes in my own personal life – a move to a new state and new status as a single individual with two dogs and three cats. Things are shaping up though and I think that fans of #legendsofgreenisle will be very happy when the wait is over for book two. Lots of twists and new side stories they weren’t expecting. http://ow.ly/i/rPUmY

Say NO to mining sacred Native American land in Arizona | CREDO Action

I urge all to visit. As a historian of Native Culture in the Southwest it is disturbing to see our government by-pass the needs of Native peoples for profit. Please…visit and give your voice to a call to action on behalf of Native Americans.

The U.S. Forest Service is holding an open comment period on the terrible land giveaway of sacred Native American land at Oak Flat in Arizona. The comment period ends July 17 — submit your co…

Source: Say NO to mining sacred Native American land in Arizona | CREDO Action

Stock Up on Summer Reading – $.99 sale from Ravenswood Publishing #yalit #LegendsOfGreenIsle #BookSale

JULY 4TH WEEK LONG PROMO CELEBRATION Legends of Green Isle’s book one “The Forgotten Spell” will be part of a July 4th celebration sale. The Ravenswood Publishing Sale features not only the first volume of the series but other great titles from Ravenswood Publishing. Visit Amazon from July 1st to July 8th to catch this fantastic deal on “The Forgotten Spell.” Book two ” The Mirror Sliver” will be released November 2016. Join the Adventure!

Book Font v2

Dear World…

Dear World…what has become of us?

Who do we claim to be?

Are we compassionate, tolerant

Or do we chose the word war with too much ease?

Dear World…where is love?

Who are our brothers and sisters,

Lovers and friends?

It seems world…

That we recognize none, tolerate none, love none.

Dear World…

Agony arises 

Who have we become?

Self-driven bearers of pain? 


Dear World…

Many cry tonight

Because we have forgotten 

We have taken all the good

Construed it, warped it, hated it…


Made it bleed.

Dear World…

Does anyone care? 

Or is it just another news story?

A few moments of tears.

Dear World…

Where shall we go now?

Does my cat contemplate this too?

Sitting on the windowsill

As she regards 

The last rose petals drifting to the Earth.