Filming #TheAuction – Short film with #TheBleakEmpire

This past weekend our little film family had some fun with students and making a project for an upcoming film festival. It was the first of us together working collaboratively as a group and so much enjoyment. Hopefully we can entice them back for our web-series Lucifer's Dead Lady Bug Files. Location in downtown Dallas… Continue reading Filming #TheAuction – Short film with #TheBleakEmpire


#JorgeBaldor and Fannie C. Harris Youth Center/ Docu-Series with #TheBleakEmpire

Between studying for comp exams and research, writing, and publishing, sometimes I get to step out and do something totally different. Part of my spiritual journey this past year has been the acknowledgement that there are so many issues involving children that need attention. Who better to help than those who write for children? At… Continue reading #JorgeBaldor and Fannie C. Harris Youth Center/ Docu-Series with #TheBleakEmpire


The Talisman

She was a lonely woman who lived on the highest mountain above the village.  Very few saw her, or spoke with her.  Some nights there were stories which men told at the tavern of seeing a figure standing out on the crumbling structures of metal and concrete, the form illuminated by the moon.  Her flowing… Continue reading The Talisman


The Tinman’s Heart

Man: Why do you keep watching those videos? You can’t bring them back. Woman: They were so beautiful…I’ve got to try to save them. Man: How do you propose to do that little one? Woman: I’m going back in time. I like that one…he reminds me of the Tin Man – gotta find a heart.… Continue reading The Tinman’s Heart


God’s favor isn’t always fair…

Today I ran across a great tune by Keith Urban, God whispered your name. It reminded me that even in all of our troubles, sometimes just a little miracle can pull us through the toughest times. God's favor isn't always fair. I heard this a year ago. It's been a part of my motto. Some… Continue reading God’s favor isn’t always fair…

Short Stories and What Not

Tin Mans and Dorothy

I have been following a trail the past couple of years - sort of like a sojourn or spirit journey towards finding answers. For some reason got hooked on Yelawolf's song "Til it's Gone" and it brought back the desire to create again. (Why did I get hooked? Line in the song 'Give love when… Continue reading Tin Mans and Dorothy

Short Stories and What Not

Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle

We don't just stick to fantasy writing here at LOGI. Sometimes, a guest will pop over from other places and offer some poetry. Today, our guest is Dr. Marvin Pippert and his poem "Paradoxical Opposition." Thank you Dr. Pippert from taking time out from your lectures to give our readers some of your creative writing.… Continue reading Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle

author spotlight

Author Spotlight – Candace Thomas @CjtWrites #amreading #YA #fantasy #books

I really like to focus on characters and letting them tell the story. I try to keep out of it as much as possible. I’m a discovery writer in a way.