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Day dreaming of Fairy Dell in Green Isle where it is warmer than the snow of our Mountains.

Constance Wallace is a graduate student attending Clemson University, polishing and absorbing history.  Calling home for the moment the Mountains of North Georgia, she writes in her spare time when she is not researching for a history paper or article.  Recently, her horror story, “Vengeance” and a poem “The Death of Me” won a literary award from Young Harris College in Georgia. She has collaborated on a romance/mystery book called “Small Town America” (chapter 12) published by Chainbooks Publishing and is in the midst of creating a middle grades series which centers on the First World War and Interwar period.

Small Town America Cover

Amazon – Small Town America

Her series Legends of Green Isle is a fantasy fiction series for young adults. The first two manuscripts are complete and book one, “The Forgotten Spell,” won a children’s literary award in the YA Fantasy division.


Six books span three generations of a family, whose lives become interwoven within the saga of Green Isle, a hidden parallel world and the magical creatures that escaped from Earth long ago. Join the adventure with Matt, Miranda, Ned and Thomas, as they fulfill their destiny foretold by the wizard, Keltrain, as the group of friends seek to stop an evil warlock before he escapes his mirror prison and destroys all the magic of Green Isle.

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  1. Craig Hallam says:

    Nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thought you should know 🙂


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