My hobby – Writing a Crime Drama. The Ladybug Files #thebleakempire #texasactors #inproduction #texasfilmakers #IndieFilms #Indie

Filming at Bonterra Farm – Aubrey, Texas

Beside writing books, I walk in other creative spheres. I was blessed to have met the wonderful people at The Bleak Empire, a Texas based Indie film group. We all gathered last March to begin a journey together. Although COVIDs put us back a bit, we now have started working a web series that I wrote and they are putting together in finished product. Another good person who helps to put the script in order is Austin Campbell. Austin is from L.A. and does a fine good job at directing. Saturday, April 10th, we all packed in props, cameras and actors to begin the production of The Ladybug Files, a crime drama set in a little town. Pictured above is Eason, who plays the Sheriff of the town. Look for the series to be out shortly. You can bookmark our adventure on our IMBd page.


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