The Tinman’s Heart

Man: Why do you keep watching those videos? You can’t bring them back.

Woman: They were so beautiful…I’ve got to try to save them.

Man: How do you propose to do that little one?

Woman: I’m going back in time. I like that one…he reminds me of the Tin Man – gotta find a heart. See he’s painted but there’s no heart on his left side.

Man: If you go back and change time – there’s no coming home. Make a choice – the tin mans or the future.

Woman: What if the future depends on the tin man’s heart?

Man: You made your choice then – into the looking glass for you little one. [view of woman hooked up to machine. Sound of the mechanics of moving her over a time votex and worm hole.] Go find your tin man. Hope he’s what you wanted.

You afraid Alice?

The Jabberwocky…Jabberwocky

Put Alice back to sleep before she reads the Jabberwocky, Jabberwocky

She got that book out – the one with code

Measure calculate

Back in time through the mirror

Pick a day – work the choices

Back and forth, back and forth

Resurrect or crucify, crucify or resurrect

Don’t read the Jabberwocky Alice

There ain’t no going home.

The program runs for all time, all time

Each choice in the past making new futures. You let the Bandersnatch loose.

Which line opens the Tin Man’s heart Alice?

It’s a tin world, just a tin world

Duplications, overlays, gears and cogs

Programing, code writing, who’s dying today?

Dorothy done grown up, Alice came over to play

Both left the story line and went to save the day

Love ain’t here…ain’t over there

All fell from grace, ain’t this a grand race?

All because Dorothy decided to read the Jabberwocky, Jabberwocky.

It’s a tin world, just a tin world

He sold her up, sold ‘em up for dust and gold

Made ‘em tear it up, lace it up, cuz they were too old

You ain’t mine and I ain’t yours

Dorothy walkin’ out and Alice done passed through

Maybe once they’re together on the other side

There won’t be too few

Tins man lining up for a heart of rust

Let Dorothy out, she ain’t surrendering

For the tin man she wants been just a memory

But through the looking glass he becomes king

That one down golden stones in Emerald lane

And her ghost lives with the memory, memory.

Woman: I’ve fallen in love with a coded memory, memory. I didn’t take the green pill or red pill, but looked up and saw it in the sky. Redemption church. I chose redemption church.


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