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Tin Mans and Dorothy

I have been following a trail the past couple of years – sort of like a sojourn or spirit journey towards finding answers. For some reason got hooked on Yelawolf’s song “Til it’s Gone” and it brought back the desire to create again. (Why did I get hooked? Line in the song ‘Give love when its equal.'”) Need to follow the lead and read, play the video in the middle and then go back to the rest of the poem to get the full message. This was created for some fellow sojourners…(Photo by Michael Brodzik on Unsplash)

Tin Mans and Dorothy

They ain’t nothin’ but high class, high class, high class

Looking down at low class, low class, low class

Sayin’ we ain’t nothin’ but no class, no class, no class

Look at that made up girl wishing she was a rock star, a movie star

Putting on the frills like you is royalty when you ain’t nothin’ but no class, no class, no class

You ain’t nothin’ but a bag of bone

To be used and abused

Where ya pimp honey? Miss no class, no class, no class

You want to be out on ya own? It’s a man’s world…

Who got your authority?

You don’t get authority Miss no class, no class, no class

You ain’t nothing but a sex kitten, a big little lioness…

We up here on the city on the hill lookin’ down at all the low class, low class, low class

Knowing we gonna shoot the no class, no class, no class

Cuz they ain’t nothin’ but day time drama

One hit wonders

Made for plunder

Made up for skits – ready to take out hits

Cuz we break their mirrors and tie ‘em to tears

Tin mans and Dorothy

Like sands in the hourglass

Those high class, high class, high class

Comin’ down to the low class, low class, low class

Pretending to be their friend, pretending to be a dear

Cuz when the sun rises

And when the dreams fade

We just go back to being that Miss no class, no class, no class

(Now Play Yelawolf’s song on You Tube “Daylight”)


Are we really rusted? Pushed down, busted?

Once super heroes – grand masters word wizards?

Boanerges – like John and James Zebedee

Apostles of glory suited up like metal men

Forced out in the rain

Just tin mans all standin’ in a row

Wearing that mask

That mask of woe

Just waitin’…waitin’…waitin’

On the edge of that patch of yellow brick road

Boanerges – grand orators, word wizards

Refusing to bow out, refusing to give up

Following Dorothy down Emerald way

Seeking that path of Isaiah 61

Tin Mans of Righteousness – oaks of metal

Grilled out, spaced out, listening to that garbage piped out

In Hollywood’s freak out

Where did Dorothy go? Didn’t we cage that bitch?

Refusing to let her seek that lion of fame, that boanerges of Judah?

Where did that lion go? That grand daddy of word wizardry?

He caught up in mystified garbage face down in that mirror

Watching that snow drift..drift..drift

Finding all his hoes are all freaked out, freaked out, freaked out

Cuz he let Dorothy fly out, fly out, fly out

The Tin Mans are all trimming out, running down Emerald Way

Cuz Scarecrow just got out

Don’t judge that book by it cover

Cuz you Mr. Lion wanna be is put out, trippin’ out

Falling down that white line, that pill in the bottle

Finding your reflection in that mirror is nothin’ but evil

Cuz you listenin’ to that piped out, freaked out witch of the west

Who want to cut out all the Tin Mans and Dorothy?

Rein it in Mr. Lion all your hate, all your judgement

Cuz we ain’t no class, no class, no class

Who is high class? cuz Dorothy and Tin Mans ain’t see Emerald Way

Emerald Way just a mental picture, a place of fantasy.


1 thought on “Tin Mans and Dorothy”

  1. Great blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers? I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any suggestions? Many thanks!


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