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Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle


We don’t just stick to fantasy writing here at LOGI. Sometimes, a guest will pop over from other places and offer some poetry. Today, our guest is Dr. Marvin Pippert and his poem “Paradoxical Opposition.” Thank you Dr. Pippert from taking time out from your lectures to give our readers some of your creative writing.

A line has been drawn
A demarcation             a period                           a wall
As if to say                    sentry bound                  who dare go there
Conscious                     Unconscious
Fantasy                         Reality
Adulthood                    Youth
Life                                Death
But who’s to say?
Like a hole in a fence of our childhood
We pass easily
Hither and yon
Back and forth
A metronome of sorts we go
In out
Up down
In up
Out down
Conscious fantasy
Unconscious reality
Who really knows?



1 thought on “Surprise Guest Poet – Dr. Marvin Pippert #poetry #legendsofgreenisle”

  1. As if ones ears don’t listen
    the ears don’t talk..
    as if eyes cant see
    the eyes cant vision..
    Life is long so long
    death is fast so fast..
    your deeds define nothing,
    when you cant see a deed define your actions!

    -By the late: Ed Delgado


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