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Author Spotlight – @RomanLynnette #amreading #Christian #Fantasy #Romance

Hello readers! Today, I’m changing up the interview a little differently. I asked fellow writer, Lynette Roman to be a guest on the blog to highlight her Christian Fantasy book Nine Nights of Fogh. Lynette’s writing thinks outside the box and provides some romance along with the package.

legendsofgreenisle: Welcome Lynette. I’m sorry we are bit behind this week in spotlighting you, but I’m glad to have you today as our guest. I’m always curious, what got you started off in your writing career?

Lynette: I started writing in middle school, when I was around 12 years old.  The class was given an assignment, to write a short story that was one-page long. I did and people liked the story, including the teacher. Thus blossomed my yearning to write more.

legendsofgreenisle: I think we share similar beginnings. Although it was in my Trig class and Battlestar Galatica had just made an appearance on TV. My friend and I would sit in the back of Mrs. Massey’s class and write our own Sci-fi romance.

I know you have published before, can you tell the readers a little about your books?

Lynette: Ruby Eyed Devil, a Christian fantasy, was my first ever novel that I was blessed to get published. Later came its sequel, Awaken the Silver Tail, as well as a few independent romances: Twelve Days of Reign, Five Months of Snow, and Seven Weeks of Autumn have been published too.

legendsofgreenisle: I know readers will be looking to see which one to read first. Today, though, we are highlighting your most recent publication, Nine Nights of Fogh. Can you tell us about it?

Lynette: Nine Nights of Fogh is about Rhapsody Camery, a 48-year-old retired Sunday School teacher who receives a confession of love from her former student, 33-year-old, Jeremy Fogh. In the span of nine nights the Lord reveals Himself to be both their help and strength as Rhapsody’s past is revealed and its clutches brought to the forefront. But Jeremy is not put off by it at all and uses nine nights to pursue Rhapsody’s heart.

I created the story line by thinking up a taboo relationship, one that would be shunned by the church. Not the typical love relationship between the preacher and a new woman or his son and a woman. Those have been done already. I was looking for something just as proactive and catching which led me to Nine Nights of Fogh.

legendsofgreenisle: Taboo subjects can make good stories. I know that you are going to continue to write and explore issues similar to the one you created in Nine Nights of Fogh. I wish you luck and happy writing, as I know we will see you blessed and typing away in the next years to follow.

You can subscribe to Lynette Roman via Twitter @RomanLynette and find her most recent publication Nine Nights of Fogh on Amazon. 



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