Looking for New Authors to Spotlight


Dear fellow writers:

I need you! As I write this, I think about the WWI posters featuring Uncle Sam pointing a finger. I need you! Well…I need you if you write a certain genre. legendsofgreenisle.com is branching out and adding a new feature – An Author Spotlight page for those who write YA/Adult: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Futurism, Dystopia, Steampunk, Sci-fi, etc. In today’s world there are so many creative individuals who have new stories to tell and I’d like to help by providing a little free publicity.

Please send me an email to greenisleauthor@gmail.com so that I can contact you with interview questions and link information to your book. The author spotlight will run for one week. During the week tweets and other postings will be made daily. The author’s interview and links will remain on legendsofgreenisle.com until any author requests to have it deleted.

Looking forward to hearing from you. My twitter handle is @GreenIsleAuthor if you would like to check out my followers. I’m hoping that by adding this author spotlight page we can grow a good following for new publications in the above genre.



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