Dear World…

Dear World…what has become of us?

Who do we claim to be?

Are we compassionate, tolerant

Or do we chose the word war with too much ease?

Dear World…where is love?

Who are our brothers and sisters,

Lovers and friends?

It seems world…

That we recognize none, tolerate none, love none.

Dear World…

Agony arises 

Who have we become?

Self-driven bearers of pain? 


Dear World…

Many cry tonight

Because we have forgotten 

We have taken all the good

Construed it, warped it, hated it…


Made it bleed.

Dear World…

Does anyone care? 

Or is it just another news story?

A few moments of tears.

Dear World…

Where shall we go now?

Does my cat contemplate this too?

Sitting on the windowsill

As she regards 

The last rose petals drifting to the Earth.


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