Dreams: A Connection to the Cosmos

dali-clockI’ve always paid attention to my dreams. They are like motion movies, in color and sometimes very action packed. Two dreams are what gave me the outline and story concept for the Legends of Green Isle Series. They have also given me insight into problems, and in some instances a brief glance into possible future events. It could almost be said that your dreams are connections to the cosmos. They are often referred to in the Bible as prophetic to those God has chosen to do his work. I’m not saying I’m a chosen messenger or anything, but some dreams, more than others, make me stand up and take notice.

I remember being 19 and living on the base in Alaska when I had a dream like that. I took a nap before my after-school job and had a dream that a little kid ran out in front of me and I couldn’t stop on the road quick enough because of the packed snow. I ran over the kid and killed him in my dream. When I got up to go to work, the images of the dream haunted me. I drove slow on the base roads, the dream still very powerful in my mind. The elementary school was letting out as I turned on the road leading out of the housing area. Had I not been thinking of that dream and going slower than normal, the kid who ran right out in front of my car would have been hit and I most likely would have killed him. Yes, it was a premonition.

With that being said, I refer back to two previous blog posts I did about dreams that referenced some sort of message about an earthquake in the Texas area. This was in March 2012.  I did a follow-up on the same dream in May of 2012. Since then I have had a lot of visitors to these two particular blog post. At the beginning of this month, one of our visitor, Cheryl, sent this message to me:

Read your article,
strange things are happening,
not sure if you would know this but another small earthquake last night here in East Texas.  This happened during a terrible storm coming through.
Here is the link.

What struck me most about the article that Cheryl sent was that these were earthquakes taking place around an area called Timpson, which is somewhat similar to the name that I couldn’t quite get in the dream. Anyway, I hope these dreams I had weren’t something like the one I had in Alaska. It’s terrifying to think of what I saw in the second dream. Would welcome any new information about this subject.


2 thoughts on “Dreams: A Connection to the Cosmos”

  1. I had something like this happen to me several years ago. Boy, was I supprised at the aftermath! Had no idea that day, but it was a waking to me. Have a wonderful Christmas, my man. Lee


  2. August 19,2015
    I am 69, with an extraordinary happy life, reaching with success all my life purposes. I had recently 4 subsequent dreams 3 of several earthquakes (1) California’s Faults all the way down into Mexico. (2) Texas, faults earthquakes and (3) earthquakes and volcano eruption in Mexico City, all terrible destruction and chaos, starting late September 2015. (4) In my last dream (after praying) I have decided to stop all these terrible events and said NO, it was my dream I ruled on it and I stopped everything, then,I weak up in peace. Suggest all you to pray and go back to your dreams and stop the events. Pray for divine grace for you to reach your life purpose completion. Consider your dreams a divine advise, otherwise you wasted your life. Pray and stop
    the terrible events or at least ask for the opportunity for those that deserve more time to have the opportunity to reach their life purpose.


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