What is up with this Summer’s weather?

rainrainbowHas anyone else noticed this? This summer is not like any other summer. It’s been unusually rainy and cool up here in the Georgia Mountains. When we camped out the week of July 4th, it rained everyday. NO SUN! Except in spurts.  Needless to say it’s taken me about a week to wash all the laundry.  Everything was saturated, muddy and dirty. I think we’ve been on the lake twice.

It’s not only been the weather, but the mood. The mood has been sulky, like the tattered remanent of an old party dress that wants to come out and dance, but sits in the corner because it was last year’s fashion. I can’t shake the feeling that something large is shadowing the world and suffocating everyone in it.  I feel suffocated and I can’t explain why. My writing has taken on some somber tones too, mirroring the emotion.

I lay awake at night surfing youtube because I can’t sleep. The biggest thing now is the arrival of Comet ISON which everyone thinks is this brown drawf star called Nibiru.  There’s been speculation that a mini solar system surrounding this star is heading our way and between August and November the world is going to be turned topsy-turvy. (It’s already that way, what’s new?).

I can see why people might think that. You have to gather and analyze the weird and strange which has been happening for some time. 1. Mass killings of birds and fish in the midwest for no apparent reason, 2. Sinkholes popping up everywhere, 3. Weird weather patterns, 4. Massive coronal ejections, 5. Migration of the magnetic north pole, 6. The many comets and other asteroids passing through our solar system.  I could list out many more things, but I don’t want this post to be so long.

I had another one of those prophetic dreams. Kinda like the one I had about the Texas earthquake. Only this time I was at Clemson, getting ready to teach a class. My niece Kayla was there with me for some reason (she lives in California). All of the sudden, the whole earth began to shake. It did it three times, violently, and then water inundated the area. Kayla and I held onto a floating raft, and when I looked around, all I saw of our mountains were the peaks,  which were islands in a vast sea.  I cried in my dream because everyone I knew had perished.

The Earth is changing. As a historian I’m aware that written records show it’s a process that’s been going on since the beginning.  Our earth is on a 26,000 year wobble (means it takes 26,000 years for the axis to rotate in a complete circle) and much like the progression that our planet makes through the four seasons as it charges around the sun, I’m sure that in the 26,000 year wobble, the planet changes just like the seasons. Who knows what’s around the corner?  We should all prepare to go with the flow.  Things may get moved around, water-logged or whatever, but we can’t let this mood get us down. I think after finishing up the last few chapters of book two, I’m breaking out the paint brushes, charcoal and pastels and do something creative.  I need to take my mind off this summer’s weirdness and get back into a positive stance.


4 thoughts on “What is up with this Summer’s weather?”

    1. We didn’t put our air conditioners in until the first week of July. And we haven’t even broke the 90 degree mark. On the plus side all my fruit trees are loaded and so are the blackberry vines! Stay cool! 🙂


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