The Big Fat Italian Rehearsal Dinner: Reflections of a Part-Time Bartender

Rehearsal DinnerI love Italians.  They certainly know how to throw a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner party. 

Working at the Vineyard part-time, I’ve come to be involved in the summer time events, especially the weddings and rehearsal dinners.  Last night we held a rehearsal dinner get-together for about 96 people, half of them Italians.  I think what really stuck with me about this particular dinner what the fact that we ran out of food.  We’ve never done that. I know, it’s not a laughing matter when you’re trying to make a great impression.  Poor chef just about fell out on the floor in horror.  (I should have told him that I was once engaged to an Italian, and you need about double the food.  They like to eat.)

Needless to say the evening ended up going well.  Chef just whipped up some more things to put out and everyone was drunk and happy.  What impressed me about this evening was the toasts that were made to the bride and groom.  The bride was from the Italian side of the group and the groom looked like a farm fed Illinois boy.  Apparently though she travels a lot and many people came from far and wide to be with them at this special occasion.  Her father, ‘Daddy Italian’ made a beautiful toast to her and his father, and then broke down in the midst of it in tears, kissing his father on the forehead.  This is why I love Italians.  They’re never afraid of emotions.  While they may be loud, everything is out there in the open.  Laughter, tears, love, joy, the whole kit and kaboodle.  It certainly made me a little misty eyed last night too.

Hooray for big fat Italian rehearsal dinners. (Tip wasn’t bad either for this bartender.)


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