Lucky’s Post: A dog’s passion for warm laundry.

Lucky's Post: A dog's passion for warm laundry.

Some days my dog Lucky just seems to act like he’s human. Recently he’s developed this thing for warm laundry. The minute I set it on the bed, fresh from the dryer, he high-tails it downstairs and plunges nose first into the warm, soft confines of the material. All you see is a tail wagging happily, as his little wet nose breaths in the lavender soap goodness. It hit me today that life should always be just as good as Lucky with his warm laundry. We should take pleasure in the simplest of things, forgetting the chaos of bills, traffic and excessive work habits. Perhaps tonight I shall join Lucky in delving into a load of warm laundry and forgetting the cares of the day.


2 thoughts on “Lucky’s Post: A dog’s passion for warm laundry.”

    1. He’s been the best little furry friend. He gets to go live with me when I go to Clemson. I keep telling him that for two years he’ll be a city dog. 🙂


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