Why we need to question our Government: Understanding the role of Media

2nd AmendmentOkay, so today I am standing up very tall on my soapbox.  I got this way because my wonderful boyfriend Kevin Henderson read this article to me.  http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Two-wounded-in-theater-shooting-4122668.php  This was posted on one of our high school friends facebook page with the question of why we didn’t see this splashed all over the country’s news.  Point was: An off duty policewoman shot and killed the man before he could rampage and kill a bunch of people at the diner and then at the theater.  Of course, world-wide coverage of this event would go contrary to the government’s agenda of gun control, and the ultimate aim of outlawing all guns.

I am apt to believe this falls in line with the slow and methodical turning of our country’s basic principles of democracy.  As a historian, I have been educated in research and pulling together of facts and events, and what I suspect is that the government plays on the emotion of the American people and uses the media to adjust its agenda, which is the total annihilation of freedom.

Let’s take for example the conspiracy theory of 9/11.  There are those who believe the government acted in such a way as to allow it to happen.  Many people suggest that the government knew it was going to happen and let it happen.  Why, you may ask?  Because it opened the door for the creation of Homeland Security.  The American People were brought to their knees with the belief that our country was going to be invaded by terrorist groups and we needed protection from them.  What we didn’t understand, is that this office is given a lot of room over our own personal freedoms and privacy.  Homeland Security can monitor individuals’ emails, cell phone calls, cameras in all cities, cameras in buildings, cameras everywhere….

It was also during this time that we see more of school shootings.  Now we have crazy young people shooting at our children.  I watched this show the other day on Discovery Channel about a professor who created  remote control of people.  I’ve linked it for you.  The show is called Dark Matters, Twisted but True.  It made me think of the sudden uprising of school shootings, and how this would be a perfect opportunity for the government to make people think guns need to go away.

I know you are probably saying what the heck Connie!  But let’s look at a fact in history about Hitler and Germany.  During the interwar period in Europe, inflation was rampant, people were starving, there wasn’t a lot of jobs (sound familiar).  Hitler came into power because he promised the German people stability.  But in doing so, he made them give up freedoms to his form of Fascist government., the first being the removal of personal weapons.  If our government (and I’m not saying that it’s true, but it sure makes me stop and ponder) wanted more power over its people, any forms of weapons which could be used against it ,would have to be done away with.  As well as making people feel threatened and attacked, the government needed  them to also feel that more policing should be done by itself and military.  I think we are there.

While I’m not purporting any rash behavior, I do want people to question motives.  Being educated about the consequences of events can help future decisions when it comes to voting.  Remember the constitution was put in place by our fore-fathers for the very fact of making sure the government didn’t have too much power over its people.  Have we crossed that line and is it too late to turn back?

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  1. Well, I’m glad someone finally said it! I agree with everything you’ve put forth and have for some time now. If they are to go ahead with their globalist agenda, they must get the guns out of the hands of citizens. There are dark operators here who would not hesitate to create “incidents” which would sway public opinion against arms.


  2. I actually heard that story quite a bit after the major shootings that occured last year. It was used as an example of the “good” in the guns vs. gun laws debates on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and others. After discussing details, some concluded that this was a unique scenario in that the off duty security guard was formally trained to deal with situations like this. This led, in most cases, to a discussion about an incident in Texas, where a man armed with a weapon was attempting to take down a shooter and came close to shooting the wrong person. (www.nbcnews.com/…/armed-giffords-hero-nearly-shot-wrong-man). I’m not necessarily advocationg or opposing anything, just adding some information that I think is pertinent to this discussion.


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