Ode to Finals and Graduate School Applications

CupcakesIt is time.   The semester that I have been working for since I started this journey in January of 2010.  Student Teaching (Yes, all by myself).  I have picked high school history and it shall start January 8th.  Am I excited?  More like petrified.  Not of the kids, but of the fact that I may not teach them one darn thing.  What if I bore the crap out of them?  Wait, I’ve bored the crap out of many students I’ve tutored, I know.  I’ve seen the vacant look in their eyes, kind of like me, the night before a final exam, when all information has left my brain and I freeze in terror that I’ll make a 68 or some other worse grade.

But I am determined to succeed!  My Christmas break shall be spent relishing the fact that for me, undergraduate finals are over.  Yet now I must conquer the daunting task of filling out the numerous graduate school applications.  It’s almost like a test in itself.  Writing a personal statement, sending in transcripts, a writing sample, recommendation letters, CV resume, and so much more packed into a week or a day in order for them to tell me “You’re GRE grades are just average! NO ADMITTANCE!”

Yikes!  I think I’m going to go bake some cupcakes.  I need some comfort food.

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