A Letter to My Children (My own and my students)

My dearest children:

This letter is to all of you, whether I birthed you or not.  It is a letter of love and of gratitude for being so special that you’ve come into my life to make me a better person.  While there may have been times you thought I was a villain, it was only because I loved you enough to let you know I thought maybe, just maybe, you weren’t making a wise decision.  But even when those decisions have been unwise, I’ve had your back, always and forever.

Maybe there were times I was preachy, and you didn’t appreciate it.  I understand.  I’ve been there before, when I was your age, and I thought I understood how the world worked.  As I grew up, I found out the hard way that I really didn’t know much of anything.  I only wanted to save you from tears, heart breaks, hurtful relationships, unkind people, con artists and jerks.  Yet, I know now that the circle of life includes these types of hard experiences. They are there, to prepare you, for the time when you look at your own children and want to save them too.

I’ve been there for you.  I hope that my example of hard work, diligence and responsibility didn’t go unnoticed, because I’ve always tried, to the best of my ability, to make sure you’ve had what you needed.  My love is unfathomable and will ever be so, for a mother’s love never dies or goes away.  Having you to care for, has been the greatest joy that I could ever imagine.

My only advice to you as you mature is simple: Remain true to yourself and never forget, when you shake someone’s hand, look them in the eye.  Everyone needs to feel like they matter.

Love, Mom.


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