I don’t know why, but his blog today really made me laugh. Had to share it with you guys. By the way, Hook is an exceptional writer, and being able to follow his daily life adds some spice to mine. Stop by his blog site and say hello.

You've Been Hooked!


Another typical Friday recently came and went…

  • Big families – with big loads of luggage.
  • Wacky wives and cranky husbands.
  • Overstimulated rugrats.
  • Hordes of travelers tripping all over each other, eager to reach – and terrorize – their next destination.

Am I forgetting anything?

Oh yeah, there was the Asian gentleman who spent two days exploring the hotel – minus pants or underwear….

One of my colleagues was returning with the day’s lunch order when he spied an interesting situation in mid-development at the Front Desk.

RYE GUY: Hey guys, there’s a guy in line out front without any pants – with his “jimmy” hanging out!

Oddly enough, no one rushed out to drink in the stimulating visual of a middle-aged Asian gentleman with his private parts exposed for all the world to try to see. Fortunately for us, Security arrived swiftly and saw fit to wrap him in…

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