Why do we Write?

The other day I saw this statistic “over 770,000 new books will be released this year.” (Don’t remember where I read it though) These books are from authors who are well-known and those, who are like me, not so well-known.  I asked myself this question, “Why do I write?”  Why do I write if I am such a little fish in a great big pond of authors who are struggling to gain followers who like their material?  I had to take a day and think about it, because I’m not a defeatist, and at that moment I was feeling pretty defeated.

Why do we write?  What underlying factor exist in us that makes us want to tell a story?  I told myself that in reality I couldn’t answer for anybody else except for me.  So I made a list of why I write.

1.  Creative outlet…

2. Peace of mind…

3.  Like to entertain others…

4.  Legacy for my children, grandchildren and so forth…

5.  I see my characters stopped in mid action, tapping their feet when I don’t write as often as I should…

6.  Gratification of finishing a project…

7.  Hopes of seeing the series made into movies one day (hey I’m being honest)…

8.  Research opportunities…

9.  Great experience in the literary field, especially for my PhD work…

10. Enjoyment!

I probably could add a lot more on there, but I think ten is enough.  Writing is an enjoyable, creative outlet which brings me peace of mind when I finish a book.  I do hope one day young children all over the world will pick up the books and get lost in them.  That’s why I created the series, for my children and others.

So… why do you write……?



16 thoughts on “Why do we Write?”

  1. I write because I know there’s a chance I can help someone. Maybe someone needs a laugh, or a story they can relate to, or just to know somebody else has been there, done that. I love it when I get those comments in my inbox.


  2. Well thanks, you gave me yet another topic for my blog. 🙂 But I’ll try to give a shorter answer here. I write because it’s what I do, it’s part of me, and I can’t remember ever NOT writing. I guess I have to get the movies in my head out of there, or I might go nuts. I also think it’s in my blood. Literally. My grandfather was a writer, and Momnot half bad either, though she’s more musical


    1. Sorry, my phone went wacky. That should be, “mom’s not half bad either.” I’d write more, but I’m having technical difficulties. Long story short: it never occurred to me to NOT write.


  3. I am a person who turns to books when I need to escape, such as in times of stress, unhappiness or boredom. I wrote in high school as a creative outlet … now I do it so that hopefully, somewhere, I am providing the same escape, comfort, relaxation and/or amusement to someone else.


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