I Need a Vacation from my Vacation!

Sunset over the Island
Sunset over the Island

This past week was a wonderful and enjoyable celebration of July 4th.  Kevin took off from work for the first time in two years.  He and Kyler (Kevin’s son) decided Sunday, July 1st, that we needed to go camping on our little island at Lake Chatuge.  So they packed up everything and I met up with them after I got off work at Crane Creek Vineyards.  I had picked my son Chase up from Ft. Bragg that past Friday, so he and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, along with her mother and sister joined up with us later that evening to roast hotdogs and hamburgers, and chat.  The day had started out sunny and warm, but as the night waned, so did our nice weather.  About the time we got the fire going, nice long rolls of thunder were sounding off in the distance, along with the purple play of lightning.  Zipping forward, the night was filled with rain.  As we watched the lightning through the opening in the tent, we also developed a leak (on my side) and our sheet and blankets were soon wet.  But being die-hard campers, we stayed, even though our mattress went flat.  At 2:00 am after sleeping on the stump underneath me for a couple of hours, Kevin ventured out into the storm, got two new mattresses, the battery from the boat and the air pump, all while the lightning crackled above.  (I said numerous prayers that none would hit the trees around us or him as he went out in the storm with a metal tipped umbrella.)  After poking me in the eye by accident, he finally got us situated with aired up bedding.  I just put a towel over my head to stop the annoying drip.  I think we got about two hours of sleep that night.  The next day it was sunny, so we took Kyler out tubing.  When I was getting into the boat that morning at the dock, my toe got into the way.  I now have a nice black and blue toe.  We spent time at the swing rope, and Kyler and Kevin took turns jumping off into the lake.  I decided not to do it, because the way my luck was going, I was afraid I’d break a leg.

Chase getting our fire going.
Chase getting our fire going.
Roxy and Kevin on the boat
Roxy and Kevin on the boat

Because of space on the boat, we only took the two boys (Lucky and Thor) with us, and Roxy, our lab and our beagle, Paisley, were left back at the house, so I had to get up in the mornings and go check on them and the cats, feed them, feed the fish, gather things Kevin said to bring back to lake (which sometimes were a list of things), get more food or drink, ice and whatever else was needed.  Finally, I just brought Roxy and Paisley on Tuesday so they could spend one night at the island.  Roxy is a water lover and Kev and I felt bad that she didn’t get to come and enjoy it.  Needless to say, she is now banned from camping.  Roxy has no people etiquette or camping etiquette.  It was more work trying to keep her contained and, of course, was no fun for anyone on the Island.  She tried to jump out of the boat (as it was moving), thought I was drowning when I was floating on my mattress and in attempts of rescue, poked big holes in it and deflated it.  Kyler was the unlucky recipient of constant attention, as she has OCD about anything round, whether it be a rock or ball. (She’s eaten several rocks) She doesn’t understand that people are not playing with her 24/7, and she can’t stop harassing.  It was like dealing with an ADD dog.

Me and Kevin at Lake Weiss
Me and Kevin at Lake Weiss

Wednesday evening we made it home.  I did laundry, dishes and repacked as we were leaving again Friday for Lake Weiss in Alabama. I worked on Thursday, and then we headed out Friday.  The weekend was enjoyable with friends.  The boys were out on the lake tubing, wake boarding and skiing. (Kevin managed to do a nice stunt on one ski).  Lots of floating, eating, great wine from the vineyard and friendship.  When we got home

All of our boats docked at the house at Lake Weiss
All of our boats docked at the house at Lake Weiss

Sunday evening, I was delighted to see my bed.  I slept like a dead person.  Monday I felt like I had been hit by a huge Mac truck.  Now I need a vacation from my vacation.  I hope everyone had a great 4th of July week.  Share some of your personal experiences, I’d like to hear about your adventures.


16 thoughts on “I Need a Vacation from my Vacation!

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  1. You have more courage than I. Camping does usually give people plenty of fodder to write about though. I camp too–in a recreational vehicle. I’m basically a wimp.


  2. That sounds like many of my camping trips! Hahaha! Usually I couldn’t sleep the first night, but the second, I pass out from sheer exhaustion!
    Great story! Thanks for bringing it to the party! I hope you are meeting a lot of my friends! (clicking on links and saying hello!)


    1. After last week, I feel I’ve been exposed to water enough for awhile. I’m sure though that in a few weeks I’ll be ready to go out again. You should let me know next time you’re up this way! 🙂


  3. Susie sent me! I completely get it, vactioning is always harder than the regular week becuase you are so busy and there never seems the time to sit relax and enjoy dinner without running somewhere else adn then there’s the stuff you have to do to get ready to go…..


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