This little poem was published in the Young Harris College’s yearly publication (2010-2011) “Corn Creek Review.”  


I lived there once.

It was pleasant,

not too hot,

not too cold.

I lived there once.

Finding my light turned to dark.

Seeking nothing but green.

Leading to nothing but black.

I lived there once.

With strangers and shapeless faces.

Their essence stinking,

like the soured smell of bar beer spilled on the floor.

I lived there once.

Where friends died daily.

Either from too much,

Or not enough.

Hell, I lived there once.


2 thoughts on ““Hell””

  1. After reading this poem, I believe I was there once myself and at times it may be beckoning me back. I count my blessings and look for the sun. I am reading Tapestry by Solitaire Parke. It is a wonderful collection of poems, something for everything.
    Keep smiling:)


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