Persistence is the main ingredient in life.

View out the front of little Yellow Cabin in the Mountains
View out the front of little Yellow Cabin in the Mountains

Today I was up at 7:00 am and watched as the sun came up over the mountain across the way.  A remanent of a low mist still hung in the air and the sunlight filtered through it and the trees, making our two acres greener than ever.  I just had to take a picture, but of course it doesn’t do justice to the beauty in which I live.  This particular dawn brought another day of life for me and my little adopted friend “Shadow.”  Shadow is a small fluffy brown kitten which was either dropped upon our porch or somehow made its way to our porch, and we are now its family.  Judging by the blue of his eyes and the small milk teeth, he wasn’t more than about 3 or 4 weeks old.  He now hangs out in my sweat jacket pocket like a little indian pappoose.  Unfortunately, little Shadow’s life with us has been wrought with dire circumstances.

Shadow, looking a little sorrowful
Shadow, looking a little sorrowful.

When he first showed up on the porch, our beagle Paisley thought he didn’t belong in our pack and proceeded to shake him like a rag-doll.  The next day, the poor little kitten got stung by a bee and his face looked like a pumpkin.  Yesterday, our neighbors dog had Shadow in its mouth tossing him in sky like a chew-toy.  Running to where he was I rescued him and ran inside to wrap him up in a kitchen towel.  He was wet with dog slobber and slowly sinking into shock.  I spent the better portion of the morning keeping him warm.  Towards the afternoon he drank a little bit of water, and I forced a small bit of warm oatmeal into his mouth.  I geared myself up to find him dead this morning.

But Shadow is persistence with life.  After Kevin left the house this morning at 5:00 am, I heard three tiny meows.  I went into the other bedroom to find him behind the door walking around.  Although a little shaky, he was still up, a great sign of recovery.  Immediately I took him out to Momma Cat where he had some warm milk.  He’s back in my pocket now as I type this, purring, like the events of yesterday never happened. Shadow is a great example of how persistence can get you through things.  Up here in the mountains, things are not easy some days.  We don’t live in a big city, so jobs may not be plentiful and you do what you need to do to make ends meets.

Kevin is an example of persistence.  For the past two to three years, he has persistently gotten up at 4:30 am to make a two-hour drive to Atlanta to go to his job, and another two-hour drive home.  He recently posted on his Facebook, a picture of the mileage on our new car we bought three months ago.  It has over 10,000 miles on it.  Persistence is a main ingredient of life, especially if you have goals and things which need to be accomplished.  Writing needs persistence, and without it, good stories would be lost.  I have to revitalize my persistence in writing everyday, especially when doing Legends of Green Isle Series.  It’s easy to get sidetracked.

I leave today’s blog post with a quote from history by former President, Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”

8 thoughts on “Persistence is the main ingredient in life.”

  1. Good post! Persistence is difficult. I admire my husband for making his nearly hour and a half journey each way to work each day also. Thankfully, he has a carpool. Love your view! A nice landscape inspires writing, doesn’t it?


  2. I have had that quote on a plaque in my writing area for nearly 20 years. I believe it nails the essence of life, really. Your little Shadow is a good example – keep on trucking as the old saying goes.

    I love the picture of your front yard and pinned it on Pinterest!

    Thanks for a great post.


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