Shedding material objects and releasing heaviness.

Sunset over Lake Chatuge

Lately I’ve been on this purge; eliminating a great portion of things in my house.  I found this past year that I’ve felt very heavy, if you can imagine what heavy may feel like.  It was there, making me sick, tired and basically cranky.  My peace had been dislodged back in 2009 and I found that I just couldn’t quite focus like I should be doing, and it was getting worse.  I think all of this past school year I battled to keep myself studying and in the midst of getting school work done.  I contemplated after finals why I was feeling this way.  I had the love of a great man, my kids and family were healthy, our bills were getting paid – I just didn’t know how to cure this heaviness and find my peace again.  I kept blaming it on an assortment of things, all of which played no part in why I had this heaviness.

It wasn’t until about a week or so ago that I begin looking around my house and found a lot of unnecessary things had been piling up and cluttering the rooms.  I felt like I was on the verge of being a newbie hoarder.  Could this accumulation of things be the heaviness which surrounded me?  I remembered reading several years ago about the Buddhist practice (I believe it was them) of shedding unnecessary objects every year – a cleansing so to speak.  I’ve done it before on occasion, but not since 2009.  While I’m not a practicing Buddhist, it definitely has an effect on the atmosphere of the house and my soul.  I’ve got about a room and a half to go and I can tell you that I’m feeling extremely lighter.

While I am a Christian, I do believe that there are things in other faiths which would do everyone a bit of good, and in this case, shedding unnecessary material objects is a symbolic gesture that you don’t tie yourself to things.  I stood out on my porch last night, watching the kittens play in my rose-bush, took in the lightning bugs which dotted the ever darkening mountain side and found a new sensation rushing in like the wind which swept through the tops of the trees.  The feeling was euphoric.  My windchime gently rang out a small tune and I realized, with a profound amazement, that life couldn’t be any better.  Cleansing away the clutter was a metaphoric cleansing of the clutter in my soul, and…I found my peace again.

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  1. There must be something in the air. I’ve been ridding my house of unnecessary stuff in the last month, too, trying to get rid of that “heavy” feeling you speak of. It is working. Beautiful photo of Lake Chatuge, by the way. I miss being up there.


  2. I’ve been working on the same. Haven’t made much progress in getting rid of things, but have succeeded in drastically limiting the amount of stuff that enters the house. Every little bit helps. 🙂


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