Awesome Friend, Cindy Brown and Her “Sunshine Award.” A WooHoo Week!

It’s been one of those weeks when everything that could go wrong with technology in our house is going wrong.  Well not everything, just the computers. I am not mobile anymore as now my laptop has to be plugged into the router in order to get online.  How in the heck did we manage before this?  I actually had to go to the bank in person, to check my balance yesterday because we couldn’t access the internet.  It was frustrating.  I can no longer lay in bed and tweet on my Iphone.  Okay, okay, I know…I have become smitten with the easy access of WiFi.   Last week was a great week compared to this one.  Lots of little problems cropping up, like the dream I had about ants running amuck in my house. Even discovered that my GRE score is not acceptable for the Education department here at YHC in order to substitute it for the GACE testing for teachers.  It was 1 point shy.  😦  Oh the joys of standardized testing.  I really do not believe that I am a stupid person, but these tests are whittling away at my ego.
ON a much brighter note,  I was pleasantly surprised last Wednesday when Kev and I got back home after being out on our little island in the middle of Lake Chatuge camping with critters and the stars, to come back to the cyber world and find a nice note from Cindy Brown (Everyday Underwear)  telling me she was giving me an award on her WooHoo Wednesday blog.  It touched my soul to be noticed by such gifted and wonderful writers last week.
As a recipient for the Sunshine Award, I have to answer the following questions:
Favorite number: “Three. Don’t know why, but it just is.”  This is Cindy’s words, and I left it as is, because for some reason it’s mine too.  Any combination of 3 like 33 or 333 I just find fascinating.
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Cold Southern Ice Tea.  I make a fresh pot everyday.
Facebook or Twitter: I started out Facebook, but have to say Twitter is growing on me.
My Passion: I am always a little leery about saying “I have a passion” for anything.  It’s almost like saying I love ice cream (which I do), I love sports, I love camping, I have a passion for the 80s type music, I have a passion for cooking, I have a passion for tattoos.   There is conflict in emotion with the word.  So I’d rather say I delve into writing with lost abandonment,  garden like there is no tomorrow, draw with feeling and quilt with a reserve of energy.
Favorite pattern: The old fashion quilt ones that nobody does anymore.
Favorite Day of the Week: Wednesday.  It’s half-way.
Favorite Flower: I love Impatiens, especially the hot pink ones.
Now I must nominate 10 fellow bloggers to be the next Sunshine recipients:
Some great fellow Triberr members and bloggers.  Give them a visit and a shout “Hello.”  Hope all have a great week!  Me…I shall be tied to the router.

9 thoughts on “Awesome Friend, Cindy Brown and Her “Sunshine Award.” A WooHoo Week!”

  1. Wow, Constance, thank you for nominating me! I’m so excited 😀 The soonest day that isn’t scheduled to promote another author is July 10th, so that’s when I’ll write my own sunshine award post. Sorry it will take so long, but I promise to link back to you and let you know when I write it 🙂


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to come home from “away” (wherever that is) and find nice things in your inbox? After being gone all day, I resisted the magnetic pull of the computer and walked the dogs, ate supper, and spent time with my family before my insatiable hunger for checking my e-mail overtook me. I could not have been more shocked to see my name in the title of a blog post! Glad to have given you Sunshine because you gave me some on the flipside, darlin’! And how funny is it about the number 3? I also like 33, but haven’t fallen head over heels for 333, probably because being half of 666 makes me wonder if that one isn’t just a little wicked, LOL!

    Keep on writing! ;0) Thanks so much for the Everyday Underwear shout-out to your followers!


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