The Adventures of taking the GRE

Well end of the semester came and went.  Managed to eek out good grades again. But now I am on to my final year of undergraduate work and Friday I must take the dreaded GRE.  I took a practice test the other day and in most of the verbal sections I did not get ONE question right.  I got more Math right than Verbal.  Hey, aren’t I supposed to be a history major??

Going to graduate school means you must know big words that many people have never even heard of.  For example:  Loquacious, which means “talkative” or mendacity which means “untruthfulness.”  Can’t say I’ve ever used either one of these in normal conversation, but I guess if I was at some big important get-together with professors, I could wow them with my knowledge of those words by injecting a sentence or two into polite conversation.  “Man, she sure was loquacious last night during the movies.”  Or perhaps “His mendacity is going to make me very angry!”  Now if any normal average American looked at these sentences, they would probably think many other things than the definitions I just gave you.

While studying my book I got on mastering the GRE: A Strategic Approach, I was able to finally get some verbal questions right.  I also did run through the math section and became familiar with all the formulas I once knew about 30 years ago, but have forgotten, because everyone knows most people do need algebra skills once they leave high school.  Anyone here remember the FOIL rule for algebra equations?  Well it is going to be an adventure on Friday.  I did give myself a small consolation that if I do badly I can retake it again in about 60 days, but I will have to study all summer.  Man, wouldn’t that be a bummer.

Recommendation for GRE help: “New GRE Premium Edition: A Strategic Approach” by Doug Tarnopol