Short Stories and What Not

“Empty Nest”

Congratulations to my daughter Calle for her recent graduation from Young Harris College, and her move to Texas to begin a new life. Kudos to my son Christian Chase Wallace, who made me proud for his decision to become a part of the 101st Airborne at Ft. Bragg, and the littlest one’s work in art. She won a gold Scholastic Award for her Photography. I miss all three of my little chicks, but know they are bound for great things in this world.



I hear the bird, just outside my window.

The chirping bright and pretty.

Mama bird is calling to her babies,

The three perched upon the nest.

It is time, she sings,

To spread your wings.

Fly the sky.

One by one they flutter

The beat so tiny and timid.

But soon they learn

And off they go

As mama watches, content.

It is not long before I see,

These tiny hatchlings disappear.

The nest is empty

Except for mama

Who now sings so wistfully,

For she knows her babies grew

And must find their own song tree,

But she is wishing just like me

That they were still

Young and frail

Huddled in her empty nest.


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