Short Stories and What Not

A LIttle Ditty About a Dog Named Ellie


The past couple of weeks have been busy with Mid-Terms, studying and presenting my paper at North Georgia Arts and Letters Conference.  Everything is running together in my head, so I decided that I would pull out a little story I wrote for my friend Carlene, featuring her little dog Ellie.  So for your enjoyment, here’s a little tale (ha punny – get it) about what our dogs do when we’re not home. 


The door was wide open, not a good sign.  Carlene carefully tiptoed up the four steps leading into her small cabin.  Her breathing rapid, she was afraid of what she may find as she pushed the door further ajar.  Who broke in? Was her pet okay?

“Ellie?” she called for her beloved little friend, her voice shaky and fearful.  Vision of thieves and robbers filled her thoughts and she became anxious.

A jingle caught her attention.  It was the familiar sound of Ellie’s collar, as the tag chimed in happy unison with the metal on the clip.  Carlene rounded the corner and sighed with relief.  There in the kitchen sat Ellie, her head bowed, eyes shifting side to side as she hid beneath a birthday hat.  The strange sight caught Carlene off guard.

“What in heaven’s name are you wearing?”  she questioned her furry friend.

Ellie wagged her tail as she walked to the edge of the kitchen opening.  Carlene’s eyes darted around the modest home, noticing now the colorful balloons, pink paper streamers and cake crumbs which littered the floor by the trash can.

“What’s been going on here?”

Carlene dropped her briefcase on the nearest chair and turned to close the door.  Placing her hands on her hips, she eyed her pet in disbelief.  The house was in shambles.  She couldn’t image thieves breaking in, just to have a party, and including the dog.  There was something more to this, and she was going to find out what it was.

Her little dog pushed at the hat with a paw until it fell to the carpet.  Giving Carlene the best ‘puppy dog’ look any animal could have mustered, Ellie lay on the floor and scooted on her belly until she was at Carlene’s feet.  Rolling over, tongue hanging out, she smiled and panted in a happy fashion.  Carlene bent down to stroke Ellie on the head and then began to take the streamers off the chandalier.   A sudden movement out of the corner of her eye caused her to look outside.  Through the large bay window she saw a large group of canines making a bee line for the road.  Each possessed a similar party hat to that of Ellie’s.  Turning to regard her little friend, she was speechless.

Ellie sat up and tried to look innocent, but wasn’t fooling her owner.  Carlene thought back to other times she found things amiss at the house when she got home.  Trash cans overturned, things out of the refrigerator and the bathroom….yes, it now made perfect sense.

Looking at Ellie with a disapproving frown, Carlene shook her head.  “And to think…I thought it was just you drinking out of the toilet!”

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