I’m Not in the Mood!

Luckers and his Sad Face
Luckers and his Sad Face

I want to write today but I’m not in the mood…really.  It’s been one of those weeks where I haven’t been in the mood for anything.   I’m not in the mood for homework, for talking, for social networking, for nothing.  It hit me today as I stared at the screen and the home page of my blog.  I kept asking myself “Why am I in such a funk?”

The answer was just one word…disappointment!

And the reason I’m disappointed, is because of things happening in my life at this moment that make me disappointed.  So today, I am doing a little ranting about what I’m not in mood for, and hopefully getting this off my chest will get rid of the funk.  I’m ready for fairer weather and of course, more writing.

1. I’m not in mood for excuses about why you did something.  YOU made a conscious choice to do it, no one twisted your arm.

2. I’m not in mood for acting like everything is back to normal, because it’s not.

3. I’m not in mood for pretending things don’t hurt, because they do.

4. I’m not in mood for people who take your parking space when they see you about to pull in.

5. I’m not in mood for spammy comments on my blog.

6. I’m not in mood for any more bank fees.  I’ve paid enough of someone’s salary.

7. I’m not in mood for higher gas prices.  It means I may have to buy a smaller car.

8. I’m not in the mood for you to tell me you don’t, when I just saw evidence that you did.

9. I’m not in the mood for people who can’t show real affection.

10. I’m not in mood for discouragement, I’ve spent a long time escaping it.

Well that was uplifting!  Since this is a day for ranting, I’d like to hear what you’re not in the mood for.  We all could use a little moment to vent.


4 thoughts on “I’m Not in the Mood!

Add yours

  1. Is there enough bandwidth for me to rant?
    I’m not in the mood for:
    office politics. We all know you’re a dick so stop trying to pretend you’re not.
    spammers. Don’t treat me like I’m your friend just so you can get money out of me.
    bad drivers. Unlike you I have a life and places to be so get out of the way.
    rude people. I don’t expect instant respect, but how hard is common courtesy for you?

    I’ll stop here before I start smacking people. 🙂


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