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Sneak Peak at Book Two “The Mirror Sliver”

Saturday, a great day to get caught up on things, like some leaf raking, trashing burning and general clean up around the house.  {Sigh} But not this day, its raining cats and dogs.  So homework, it must be for me today and of course, my favorite project at the moment, Book Two of Legends of Green Isle, “The Mirror Sliver.”  Here’s a little tidbit for you of what’s happening in the book.  Hope your day is filled with sunshine. 🙂

The loud crash of limbs and vines, dirt and rock, which gave way to his weight, flooded his ears, as his body slipped downward.  Sliding out of control, Ned’s arms failed to grasp a hold of anything, and he plummeted into the earthen world below.  Black darkness swallowed him as his body continued to tumble down and down, away from the tiny light above, until he could see nothing, his journey hurling him further into the mysterious, gloomy womb of Black Isle.

Without warning Ned shot out of a hole in the subterranean walls and dropped into a large cavern lit by an unearthly glow of red.  Plopping onto a hard rock floor, Ned laid still for several seconds, mentally going over the extremities of his body.  Was he hurt?  It did not feel like it, he surmised finally as he wiggled his fingers and toes.

His eyes watered from the dusty debris which had traveled with him into the belly of the island.  Cautiously, he rose into a sitting position to view his surroundings.  Where was he?  What happened?

Something inside of him told his mind that the figure of Matt was a trap, and he fell for it.  “Well what’s new?” he questioned himself aloud.

“Other than you dropping in, nothing,” a raspy voice acknowledged.

“Who’s that?” Ned asked, as he back up to the cavern wall. His eyes darted nervously; the sound of someone else in this place was frightening and surprising.  Looking around, he tried to see who had spoken, but in the dim redness, everything took on a sinister appearance.

The cavern was large, very large, so big in fact, that where he stood was the shore on one side of a hidden lake in the world beneath Black Isle.  He could not see the other side of the monstrous body of water, but there were strange tall mushrooms and brown fernlike vegetation growing around the rocks and boulders which littered the rocky beach.

“Well, if you must know, my name is Bijan.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen anyone here, well except for the Brollachan.  They visit every now and again.”

Ned remembered his introduction to the Brollachan at the Nuada Finda fortress in the Great Pine Forest. His fingers touched the scars on his neck.  It had not been a very pleasant situation.

“Where are you?” he demanded.

“Not where you are looking?  Up here, behind you.”

Ned turned and saw a large pile of boulders and rocks.  Climbing up on one of them, he could see that the pile of rocks was very vast.  Up towards the top of the pile, he could make out a giant golden eye staring down at him.



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  1. Amber if you like ebook, we just re-did the cover. It’s on smashwords right now, but will be out in about two weeks on the biggies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. The paper back is available currently on the web sites but with the old cover. 🙂


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