A Wonderful Note of Appreciation – Nomination of the Kreativ Blogger Award

The other day I was pleasantly surprised to receive a note from Craig Hallam  that he had nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award.  Needless to say, it was unexpected and gave me such a smile, that I didn’t stop grinning for several hours.  Apparently there are some rules to this and so I must pass the torch along by nominating six new bloggers, and then share ten things about me that maybe no one else knows.  So here goes:

1. Bert Carson   A new writer friend in my triberr group, I’ve enjoyed reading his stuff, not only because his words are fluid, but he just seems to know a whole heck more than I do

2. R.S. Guthrie Just released his second book, and is doing fantastic.

3.  Belinda Witzenhausen  I love all her wonderful inspiration sayings.  She does give me some words that keep my soul full.

4. Kellianne Sweeney for all the wonderful poems and writings she puts in her “Dear Diary” blogg.

5. Moondustwriter has such edgy and powerful, heart-felt poetry.

6. And of course a fellow Georgian gal who is just the queen of blogging.  Love

Whew!  That was tough, because there are so many greats out there.

So now ten things people may not know about me>>>

1. I used to be a paralegal and my first job was working for the State Bar of Georgia.

2. I owned a Landscape Company for about two years and obtained my Landscapers Contractors License and was only 1 out 5 in the state of LA to get one at the time.

3. I used to body build in the latter part of the 1990s.  Won third place in the Texas Shredder Competition in Austin, Tx.

4. Did a bit part in a really bad Movie called the “The Sleep Eaters.”  Don’t think it was ever released. (and let’s hope not!)

5. Worked a gig as a Show girl for promotion purposes for a new club in downtown Houston.  Met Gerardo Rivera that night, who hit on me with my big head-dress and all.

6. Knew my boyfriend way back then, when he dated my best friend Darcy in high school.

7. High School was in Alaska.

8.  Cried at all the personal stories on X Factor.  Loved Josh, the Burrito Slinger.

9.  Secret X Factor wanna be when I’m driving the car…no one can hear me belt out the oldies.

10.  My Dog Lucky sits like a human, and really believes he is a human.

Well that last one probably wasn’t fair because it was about Lucky, but I couldn’t help it because I love him much.

Thanks again Craig for the nomination.  Your pretty nifty.

4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Note of Appreciation – Nomination of the Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. You are tops in my world, too, Constance. Thanks so much for thinking of me (and for including me in such a worthy group, yourself included)! Keep up the great writing…I will figure start figuring my own list and my ten things (ugh)! ツツツ


  2. Connie, you are amazing and deserving of all the blog awards out there. In reading your 10 things, you’ve had an interesting life and really seen a lot of places. Fascinating stuff and fodder for a great book (hint, hint) that I’d absolutely pay full-price for.

    P.S. Thank you so much for thinking of me in this award. It really made my day. Between you and Belinda, I’m going to develop a big head, and then you guys will regret it. Haha! 😉


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