A Historian’s View on SOPA

Censorship!  Do you know that it’s been done in the past?  Yes, by countries like the USSR, NAZI Germany and Communist China.  Hitler Youth burned books, the NAZI media was staged and only what they wanted people to read was allowed to be published.  The same could be said for Stalin and the USSR after WWII, and of course, what else needs to be said about Communist China.

What I don’t understand, is how this country, one which is supposed to pride itself on Freedom, is now allowing Freedom to be a trampled word.  Fascist Government, an extreme form of government, (if you are viewing the political spectrum, go all the way to the left) likes to be a strict law and order state, fixed guidelines, small government, needs of those few who rule outweigh others, and those of the lower classes must follow along or else.  After 9/11 the introduction of HOMELAND Security was a means to adhere to that strict law and order stance, and the years following, we’ve seen in this country a move towards that far end of the political spectrum.  I shook my head when SOPA began popping up in the spotlight, because from a Historian’s perspective, I’m thinking here we go repeating a parallel highway, following along with NAZI Germany just before WWII.

While I am not a big Obama fan, I can say that while he promotes some platforms which resemble Socialism, he is at the other end of the political spectrum, and it may be that his administration is keeping the US from falling through the black hole of leftist government.  SOPA is another means of extreme fixed guidelines.  Wake up People!

4 thoughts on “A Historian’s View on SOPA

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  1. While I still need to take a closer look at the terms of SOPA, and am therefore unable to comment on its validity, I would like to point our that it is supposed to be an anti-piracy measure, vastly different from censorship. Censorship is meant to stop the spread of ideas whereas anti-piracy is meant to stop the theft of intellectual rights. One is politically motivated, the other stems from economical aims.


    1. William, thank you for your comments. While it may be dressed up with a bow to be termed Anti-Piracy, the full breath of the matter is, once enacted, the government could itself determine what the term Anti-Piracy means. Yes, SOPA may be “economically” based in its birth, yet it is a portal which aims at other things such as censorship. Thus simple folks like you and me could be shut down on a whim, just because they can put our messages, our blogs and other material under their own particular terms of “Anti-Piracy” any way they like too.


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