The Truth of the Matter – A Reflection of Christmas Past

Snow Last December in Georgia
Snow Last December in Georgia

Lying in bed during the holidays with the cold and flu can make you wistful and melancholy.  I was viewing Christmas pictures from last Christmas and smiling, feeling a little sad that it will be just me and Kevin this year.  Last year we got to spend time in Oklahoma with his family and children, and my youngest daughter Kelsey.  But this year, because of finances, we will have to be here alone.  Pooh.

I guess what got me started looking at the past was a sentence in that book I’m reading “One Day My Soul Just Opened Up” by Iyanla Vanzant.  “When you are courageous enough to examine and challenge those things that you have been taught to accept as truth, you cannot help but find the truth beneath their accepted meaning. Discovering and embracing just one eternal truth will fill you heart, bring tears to your eyes, and eradicate the false beliefs in an instant.” (pg 25) This sentence made me reflect upon another Christmas, back in 2006 when I went to stay with my sister who was about to have her second child.  I was in place in my life that was between darkness and light,  and I was fighting to climb up from a situation I allowed myself to be put in.  I was choosing the light of goodness, but it seemed that the darkness did not want to let go.  I kept telling myself how evil I was, and undeserving of goodness.  That Christmas, I had a most wonderful dream in which I left this plane of existence and traveled to another, where I walked out upon a balcony of this beautiful house and there sat God.  She was beautiful, her robe a brilliant white and her hair golden blond.  She smiled at me and as we looked out over this sparkling blue lake set in mountains, she said to me, “You’re the only one who thinks your evil.”

The truth of the matter was She was right.  There are so many in this world who have been told they are not good enough, not worthy enough, not wise enough, not talented enough, etc., etc.  We all have the ability to eradicate false beliefs about who we’ve been taught to think we are.  There is so much darkness now wanting to cover those seeking to grow spiritually, that they might it difficult to find the light, believing that they are too evil for the love of God, and that’s not what God wants us to believe.

“The truth will bring you back to the place you started as a divine idea in the mind of God.  The truth will free you from the habitual fears the process of life can impose upon you.  The truth will eliminate your need to be anything other than what your already are…Divine.” (pg. 25-26)

This Christmas, as we reflect on what others are calling a year of Doom, 2012, I ask those who read this to reflect upon it as a year of change.  An awakening I would say, to the truth of who we really are.  Let’s us bring a balance to ourselves spiritually by allowing the light of goodness to cleanse us of ugly beliefs, and replace those dark things with that of Love, for ourselves, for others, and for our world.  Perhaps, little by little, we can change this planet.  There is truth to positive Thinking!

Page 31 and 32

God is Truth, Truth is divine

Truth is eternal and consistent.  It never changes.

God is within every living thing, which means there is a divine and eternal Truth beneath everything I see.

Truth is greater than any problem on the physical level.

The TRUTH is that God believes in me.

2 thoughts on “The Truth of the Matter – A Reflection of Christmas Past”

  1. Hi Connie–I hope you and Kevin had a good Christmas. I know it’s tough to have a “just we two” Christmas when you are so used to having the focus on the family–we did it this year too. I would also have to agree that the hardest thing about turning things around is believing that there’s anything good about us and anyone could ever believe in us again. Glad you’re climbing out of there from 2006 to present and that you & Kevin have found each other again. Hope the New Year is truly one of newness, exploration and rejuvination!!


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