Tax Cut or Tax Hike – Does either one really solve the problem?

I started working on Book Two of Legends of Green Isle – “The Mirror Sliver” this morning, and got somewhat distracted by the Yahoo headlines about the Payroll Tax Showdown: What the Bill means to You for a moment.  Congress is of course battling over whether to give us Americans a tax cut in our payroll which would amount to about $1,000 if you make $50,000 a year, or go the opposite and hike us back up to where we would see less money, like a $1,000 if we make $50,000 a year.  As I sat there reading this article some thoughts begin pouring forth, and of course, I have to put my two cents in on this matter.

First of all, they use the $50,000 a year salary as means of measure, to tell us that this is a $1,000 tax  hike which could be devastating if Congress can’t decide to do something about it and we don’t get it.  Well I don’t know about you, but the last time I made $50,000 a year was before 9/11 and I haven’t made much more than $23,000 a year since then, (if I’m lucky).  Because of the recession, the little town I live in has lost well over 65% of its established businesses, including a Mohawk carpet plant which put a great deal of people out into the streets when it shut down.  So, with that being said, many of us up here don’t have jobs that this stupid debate would even affect.

Then comes the second thought!  PEOPLE please!  I really don’t give a frigging hoot about the tax cut or hike, and I’m sure that the millions of people who are living in low income or below poverty (News from Dec. 15, 2011) would agree that since they are not making that $50,000 a year salary mark, it really would not affect them either, nor would they give a flying pootey, as many of those people don’t have jobs.  This is just hype to give us a scare, and hopefully force us into thinking that we should demand this tax cut .  The only people who would really see any kind of great money from it would be those who make $50,000 or more a year.

This whole debate is a tactic to steer focus from the real problem.  What this government needs to be doing is finding ways to bring back businesses that employ people.  Seems to me that they keep beating around the bushes, trying to skirt around the issue that this whole mess was created by them, and greed, for the almighty dollar.  Where is frigging FDR when we need him?  I’d like to see something in the news that shows the government actually is trying to find a solution instead of just pussyfooting around.  Good Grief, they’re worst than children.  Our country hasn’t been stable for a while and we are fast turning ourselves into a third world nation.  Occupy Wall Street is just the first of many revolutions that will be transpiring if the Government doesn’t begin a change now.   When the youngsters who come out of college find they can’t get employment, much of what happened in Europe before World War II will be happening here.  Mark my words.  History does repeat itself, because we don’t study it enough to benefit from it.

Okay, off my soapbox and back to work.  Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas Everyone.

6 thoughts on “Tax Cut or Tax Hike – Does either one really solve the problem?

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  1. A great rant! I’m convinced that Congress and the politicians don’t get it. They are so busy concerning themselves with being re-elected and lobbying for their own interests that we, the people, are nothing but pawns. The real story is all about jobs.

    My first book, Lifetime Loser, goes into the IRS and fraud and what the government will do to collect from those that evade taxes. It’s not about taxes as much as it is about employment.


  2. I’ll rant along with you.

    You hit the nail on the head. Taxing the workers will neither solve the debt issues, nor create employment.

    The solution is remarkably simple.

    Corporate taxes are at multi-generational lows. We were told that by cutting taxes to the corporate elite that they would in turn invest in our countries and businesses and create jobs. But the opposite is happening.

    Companies are hoarding money like never before. They’re not investing and they’re continuing the practice of shipping jobs overseas. Until we start taxing the corporate elite (we can provide tax incentives for companies that actually invest in employing people, and invest in the very infrastructure from which they benefit) we’re going to continue to see deficits rise and the wage gap increase.

    Increasing taxes will increase revenue. Tax incentives will encourage investment and grow the economy. It works and it’s fair.

    There’s my two cents. : )


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