A Male Dominated Society – Commentary to ABC News Report “Missing Girls In India”

Writing this commentary is going to be tricky, and I forewarn you that the views expressed in this post are my views and no one elses.  As a historian, studying ancient cultures, especially when it comes to women’s rights, is one of my areas of chosen study as I pursue my doctorate.  And it gives me such pain when I read about the horrible things male dominated societies have enacted upon the female partners of their species.  So when I watched the ABC News Report about the millions of missing girls in India this morning, my heart couldn’t take just sitting by, sipping my hot tea and shaking my head in discouragement.

First of all I want to say something about the roles men and women play in today’s world.  We have slowly moved from the true purpose of how God intended the two parts of the Human species to interact with each other as partners.  I say partners, because, unlike most beliefs, I know (and I say this word with all clarity) God did not make men and women separate, operating with one as master over the other.  In fact, he made both equal, it’s the only way things can get done.  It is religion gone awry which has created the servant women.

Before the existence of the Roman Empire, men and women were equals.  Many ancient people and tribes operated with both as equals, and for a majority in European cultures, a female form was considered God, the sacred feminine.   Most people see history as something that goes back to about 200o years ago, and view with a limited eye the creation of today’s world.  Much of what is set in place today comes from the establishment of Roman Culture which developed about 800 BC to 400 BC, and Roman Culture was Male Dominated.

A prime example of Roman influence can be seen in Judaism. There is a jewish myth that God created both Man and Woman equal, Adam and Lilith, but because Lilith wanted to be on top during sexual intercourse, Adam got angry and called out to God that he wanted another woman who would be his help mate and not equal.  Lilith, in Jewish myth, now became a demon who sought out infants to eat.  An educated mind would see that as the Roman culture expanded to take over Jerusalem, much of the male dominated influence did too, causing this myth and version of creation.

So, I am getting off topic, which is easy for me to do.  Back to India and the report.  Sex selection in southern India has gone completely out of hand.  People put such emphasis on having boys and not girls, because of expensive dowries that have to be paid by the female’s family, that people go to places, which are illegal, to find out the sex and then either have an abortion, or if the baby is born, kill her, starve her or abandon her to die.  The practice has created about 32 million deaths according to one source I researched this morning, of unborn and born females.  According to this Facebook page: Sex Selection Increases Number of “Missing Girls” in India by Zayn A. Beg, there is in one village a ratio of 400 boys to 2 girls.  In another village, there wasn’t a single marriage for 110 years until recently. There is such a shortage of women now.  And I can’t understand why they just don’t adjust their customs, seeing their prime minister is female.   http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=78302365369&topic=5968&post=30852

Does anyone else see a problem?

I am somehow taken back a month or two to the study in my “Third Reich” History class about the holocaust.  Hitler used Euphausia to eliminate about 250,000 mentally ill patients, and of course, the millions of Jews killed because they were considered racially impure.

What is going on in our world, that killing innocence can be so justified?  Does anyone actually believe God (or their god) is looking down at them and applauding?

Whether cultural customs or religious practice, we humans need to wake up and realize this is NOT how it’s supposed to be.  This is NOT how God intended for us to work together.  Truth be told, God was originally worshipped as a Woman.  It is fear, the want of control, and barbarism which took that away.  Let’s hope I don’t need to explain that further.

14 thoughts on “A Male Dominated Society – Commentary to ABC News Report “Missing Girls In India”

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  1. I am not religious, and I therefore don’t necessarily agree with the religious basis of some of you reasoning, but I do applaud the basic message of your post – that women are equal (for whatever reason) and should be treated equal, and sex selection is a heinous crime. I also like the fact you recognise that religious beliefs have changed over time and that different people have different gods and beliefs.

    As a mother, I can’t believe that these Indian families are killing their own daughters. The thought of anything happening to my own daughter is soul-crushing. How can someone love their child less because of its gender? How can they live with the murder of their own child on their hands?


    1. Thank you Ciara. I know that my views are my views when it comes to religion, but it is a belief that has come to me from the journey I have walked in this life. Thank you for your response. I am as appaulded at the killing of children just because of their gender.


  2. Connie, I too have heard of the religious significance of the sacred feminine, and I embrace it. It horrifies me to think of 32 million innocent baby girls slaughtered for such ridiculous reasons. I just don’t understand it.


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