Giving our Children Their Wings

Calle, Carleigh, Kyler, Kelsey and Me at the Ranch
Calle, Carleigh, Kyler, Kelsey and Me at the Ranch.

This week has been a little emotional for us as one of our children was in a serious car accident.  She is fine, thank goodness, and the only loss was Kermit, her little green car.  (Carleigh).  It could have been worse, and I don’t even want to think about that part.

I sigh with a heavy heart, because this is not the first time we’ve been touched with car accidents.  My son, Chase, who is in the Army, rolled his dodge about three years ago, going about 70 mph.  Luckily, the only loss we received then was the car, and he managed to walk away with scraps and bruises.  As Carleigh told me today “Car is replaceable, I’m not.”  This is so true.

As mothers and fathers, it is so difficult to give our children their wings, especially when we know there is so much out there that can go wrong.  I am stressing right now because my middle child, Calle is going to Ft. Bragg to pick up her brother in a couple of days, and then they both are traveling to Houston to be with their father and sister for Christmas.  I am afraid of giving them their wings, because it is the first time they will be traveling such a great distance by themselves.  But, I know there comes a time when this mother hen must let go, and it seems that time is now.

So this Christmas, my biggest gift to my children is going to be their wings.  I will have to just sit back, watch and hope that they fly straight, and miss all the obstacles that could hurt them. May God watch over each of them in the past, present, and future, with a force of God code to surround them with his love. Whoever my circle of little chicks are now or in the future as a teacher is included in this prayer. AMEN.


4 thoughts on “Giving our Children Their Wings”

  1. Oh, no, I hate that about the car accident, but I’m so glad she’s safe. She’s right, too, the car is replaceable. I don’t know what I’d do if something bad happened to my daughter, so I can only imagine your fears. Take care, sweetie, and I hope the rest of the holidays come without any drama.


  2. OOh my god. Yes it will be totally good if noone going to discuss that part.
    This is the life :] Everyone think they are mature and they can take care of themselves. And yes Father and mother always think about their childrens till the end nomatter whereever they go whatever they doing, They always be their kids…like when they tried to learn how to walk and every single bit..Every single step they do, Parents do worry cz kids are always Their Hearts ❤
    Even i m so young, I feel same when i will have kids.. I cant even see anyone hurt them or be loud, I ill try no obsatcle will in the way of their life path. Cz they will be puzzles.. My Goodies..My Pearl of eye 🙂 – As every kids for their Lovely careable Parents :))))
    And I pray for all of your family To be safty and enjoy the end of the year Specially Christmass and rest of life 😀 Specially to Carleigh. Wish her to be so fine quickly, and goodluck for her.. Have blasts^^
    And hey i love the snow part , falling on this page ^^ #Christmass Sign huh 😀


  3. I enjoyed your blog. I lost my sister in 1989. She was killed in a car accident aged 23. She would have been 44 on 10th December. I too am a fellow writer. Please have a look at my story ”The last Snowflake” on my blogsite. It may make you smile.


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