Commentary to Diane Sawyer’s ABC News Report of Arsenic in Apple Juice

For those of you who watched this night’s episode of Diane Sawyer’s report about the psychotropic drugs our government prescribes to about 1/4 of the foster children currently within the federal system, and the additional report about high levels of Arsenic in Apple Juice, you should be very attentive to this commentary.

This news report made me cringe as I envisioned the lining of pockets of the pharmaceutical companies by way of poisoning children who probably did not need all the medication they were forced to take. (Your tax dollars pay for these!) Yes, I understand there may be instances where some medications may be necessary, but if you watched this report, the dozens of pill bottles they counted out for the news crews were ungodly.  These kids were taking medication that was well over the normal limit an adult could take, and it altered the chemical makeup of their brains, unnecessarily.  (Watch the two home videos of concerned Foster parents who weened their little kids from them.)  It did not do much to help my faith in our government, when right after this report, another came on about the unsafe levels of arsenic in Apple Juice, a product advertised to us to give our children because its healthy for them.  The FDA made an announcement that they would be making a decision to advise an acceptable limit, but my thoughts were, why didn’t you do it in the past?  FDA decided now because Dr. Oz called them out?

Can anyone else see something very bad about both of these reports?

The both deal with our children, our future for this country.  What is going on here?  It is no wonder we have such a problem with obese children, high levels of cancer and other sickness in our youth.  As a Historian I refer your attention back to World War I and the Blockade of Germany.

Because Britain wanted the war to end, the government decided to enact a blockade of any imports going into Germany.  They hoped to starve the people to point of surrender.  But the Germany people were stubborn, so they began making food substitutes in order to survive.  Much of what they invented is still in existence today, because companies realized they could make these cheaply, and sell them for such a price.  Do you know what the chemical makeup is of margarine?  It’s basically the same as plastic.  When you smear that wonderful margarine on your toast, you’re basically eating plastic.  That’s what the Germany people did, ate sawdust bread, etc. in order to try to fill their stomachs during the blockade.  What many people do not know about after the war, is that so many people died from sickness afterwards from these food substitutes.

Our country is dying, by our own hand.  Easy convenience has replaced healthy and good.  Pills have become a convenient form of happy as pharmaceutical companies tell us we need their product just to make it through a day, and now we are making our children sick by continuing a legacy that should have died with World War I.  My advice, and you can take it or leave it (said with much respect) – start questioning everything.  We may wake up one day and realized we’ve all become little sheep being shepherded to a place of no return.

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